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I learned one thing: no matter what cup size gravity gets us all! We therefore definitely need the right sports bra so that the ups and downs while working out don’t support the sagging in a fatal way. But to find the right one is not that easy….

I’ve had the best experience with sports bras that have extra broad straight or crossed straps and are stitched in a double layer. Underneath the breast the elastic tape should be extra wide as well. I love the sports bras by Puma and New Balance but that you need to find out for yourself.

People keep telling us that we need different support intensities depending on the workout but I’d rather make sure. I am an advocate for firm sports bras! The firmer the better! Of course it needs time to find the right sports bra that doesn’t squeeze or pinch but fits firmly and on top even looks great. But it’s worth it!


With a B cup I don’t have that much movement on my breasts as C or D cups but as I work out extremley sometimes with all that rope skipping and stairs running my breast would also be bouncing all over the place if I don’t watch it. Put your stretched out hand underneath one of your breast so you just touch it barely while being naked and jump a bit on the spot. Crazy, isn’t it? Our connective tissue is unable to support such movements which go to all directions while working out and therefore rips one day. The result: sagging breasts


A good sports bra can absorb up to 80% of these moves. Therefore buy one, it’s really worth it.

Even though there are a couple of sport medicine specialists that claim that the shape of our breasts is genetically defined and therefore doubt that working out can lead to sagging breasts but should we take that risk??

No way!



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