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Workout out at home might cost quite an effort but there is no other place where we can do something for our body so easily! All we need is what each one of us brings along naturally: our own body weight. To make it a bit more thrilling, though, we can also use some aids. Although I don’t mean weights, skipping ropes or kettle bells! Much easier than that… 

Jumping Jacks for warm up!

We have everything we need for this effective workout at home. A chair, a towel, a stop watch and a blanket. Arrange these aids before you warm up. Do you still remember jumping jacks?

We all had to do them during P.E. And they are still totally up to date! Set your stop watch for a minute and do as many jumping jacks as possible.

Afterwards set it again for a minute and do as many squat vaults as

Squat vaults!
Jump up high and controlled from your squat!







Keep your body in control!

Furthermore grab a towel and sit down on the floor. Hold the towel between your hands a bit wider than shoulder width. Lift your legs straight up and keep your back straight, too.

Keep your back straight!
Swing the towel around your feet

Swing the towel underneath your legs while bending your knees and strech the legs right after. And back.

Never drop your feet to the ground!

Set your stop watch for a minute and do as many as possible within that time. But nice and clean, please!





Your body is rigid! Your arms shoulder wide
Don’t drop your butt!


For the next exercise we need a chair.

Lean on the chair with your back towards it and do reverse push-ups. But don’t let your butt hang down!

This exercise is complex such as the one before and the one following. Furthermore it is great to tone your arms.

By now you should know how it works! Right! Set your stoop watch for a minute and start!

Finally I have this killer exercise for you.

It looks easy but it burns!
Butt in the air, limbs straight!

Lay down on a blanket flat on your tummy. Pull your straight arms and legs towards your middle with your butt up in the air.  Set the stop watch! Yeah, that hurts, haha!

See? In only five minutes you can train effectively at home! And I guarantee you great results if you do that 3-5 times per week. Write to me what you think of it and how you feel. I am looking forward to hearing from you!


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