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Working out as a working mum used to be a real challenge. Before I had kids I worked out regularly but as a working mum I often lack time for it. Therefore I started to integrate my kids into my workout. Here I will explain how this became a real kids play:

Arm workout at a bench

When I go for a run my four year old daughter likes to accompany me on her balance bike. Of course she gets bored after a while and I am also too fast. So I jog slowly, sprint from time to time and push her bike in between. She also loves to play “I spy with my little eye something” outside. On my favorite route at lake Lietzensee we always take a break at the stairs and then Mina counts up to ten. If I haven’t reached the top of the stairs by ten I have to go again!

In addition I train my arms at the benches. And I finally sprint up the last hill and wait for her on the top. She loves to cheer me up at this last run and really enjoys it!

Stairs for sprints!

If the weather is bad I like to do yoga at home. Hence I have different DVDs (f.i. from Seane Corne or Tara Stiles) I bend to. My daughter took part in the beginning but lost interest.  Therefore I bought a DVD by Barbara Becker which is especially for families and which we both love!

Working out with this DVD is easy so children can join and gain a sense of achievement and the asanas are part of a cobra that adventures stories.

My daughter’s balance bike


Yoga on our rooftop terrace

My nine year old son is not interested at all yet he loves to experience new sports.

So sometimes I go working out with him by throwing some basketball and lately he’s been running with me. Of course it’s not that exhausting for me as we need to run slowly. But better than nothing!


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