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People approach me quite often how I work out. When I tell them that I run a lot but also lift weights many are surprised. Do weights cause bulky muscles so that us women look like guys? That’s at least the general opinion! But the truth about weight lifting is a different one.

The female body reacts completely different then the male one as we slack testosteron. And that is required for thick muscles. Therefore I can only recommend to lift weights. Our posture gets definitely better, our connective tissue tightens and we get nice shoulders, arms, legs and a round butt! It is only important that we don’t workout till we are totally exhausted. My weight lifting is quite moderate with low weights between 3 and 5 kilos for my arms and shoulders, do push-ups and squats or swing the kettlebell. You really sweat with that kind of training if you don’t pause in between so it is a kind of cardio-weight workout which strengthens not only our muscles but our heart as well. Be it in denims or a dress your body gets a great shape and the time you need to invest is quite low. It is enough to train short and firm! It only takes me around 25 min to work out. Sometime I run 15 min as a warm-up in the beginning, sometimes I start directly. And at the end I stretch for 10 min. The older I get ( I am 46 now) the more I benefit from it that I have always trained with weights as literally nothing wobbles or hangs! No matter how old you are, though, you can always make up for it! Regardless of the age we start using weights our muscles can be stimulated to grow. That goes for our entire life. It might go faster in our youth but we can still make a change at the age of 70 or 80. So go and flex some muscles, through that get rid of the flabs. There really is no need to think that you will end up with a bulky frame! 


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