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Plates for grown-ups with carbs and still losing weight? Yes, that’s possible! I was never really big but there were times when I had too many pounds on my hips. Then I tried all kinds of diets! EH (eat half), Hollywood-, Pineapple- or Atkins diet, Low Carb, High Protein and so on. For a few years I finally know how it works best to be slim without having to starve myself. I eat till I am satisfied! Now I am 46 and slimmer than ever. And with my kind of eating I helped others to become slim as well…

Food should be colorful and full of vitamins!

A girlfriend of mine lost 11 kilos in a months through my help. Without starving. On the contrary! She was my guest at the time. In the morning I made a fresh juice and cereals with fruits and yoghurt. During work she fetched herself a sandwich for lunch and in the evening I cook. Pasta, rice or potatoe dishes often with a salad on the side. My friend didn’t work out but workout is also extremely overrated to lose weight. But to keep the once achieved weight loss is extremely important! My friend became aware of that, too. After her visit she fell back into old eating habits and directly gained weight. Finally she went back to eating like I taught and started to work out at home regularly. Today she is slim and fit and has no problem staying that way!

Potatoes, veggies stewed in coconut mil in the oven topped with feta cheese.

Our body is like an engine. It needs the right fuel to function in an optimum way.

Great for skin and digestion! Fresh pressed carrots, apple and ginger juice.
Mixed salad with raspberries and an avocado-mustard dressing

We know from cars that you should neither leave them in the garage nor drive them like a maniac over the highway. It’s not any different with us humans! For our metabolism to work right and for us to stay slim we consequently need to do one thing: eat! Because if we don’t eat enough our metabolism is simply ticking over. And if we sin it goes directly to our hips. Weight loss works best if we eat. So eat! Eat colorful and divers. With enough carbs, fibers, vitamins, minerals, fats and protein. As a result our digestion functions, our skin glows and excessive fat on our rips will fade.

To long for healthy food is not automatically natural but we can train our eating habits. In my opinion weight loss works best by eating healthy yummy food until we are satisfied. In between meals I leave a 4 – 6 hours break, though. This is also highly recommended by numerous nutrition scientists. I rarely eat tit bits as I barely crave them. A result of my body getting enough sugar (carbs) and fats, protein, vitamins, fibers and minerals. Try it out. It works!

Three scrambled eggs with dried tomatoes and parmesan cheese!



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