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For weeks my son has been whining: „Mum, I want to visit the VR Lounge . It’s supposed to be so cool. And it’s totally hip. “Allright, I thought, why not? It’s interesting for grown-ups, too. VR stands for virtual reality and is a new technology for computer animations. So we went to visit the VR Lounge at the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin to try it out.

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futuristic glasses and remote controls


I must admit that it’s quite freaky to put on some futuristic glasses and be in the middle of Tokio suddenly. The VR Lounge offers small separés where each visitor can chose his or her own virtual surroundings. There is a huge offer of so called “experiences” which covers almost everything staring with underwater world up to shooting games which we can steer with two remote controls.

Nicolas “on a fun fair”

My son chose a fun fair game. There he could shoot plates and ballons, play high strike and goof around.I chose google earth

Zoom to where you want to got

I chose google earth. There I can zoom into my favorite places to climb the Grand Canyon or the Chinese Wall. All of this looks pretty real and suddenly I am a part of it – in a 360 degrees visual appearance. Of course I would prefer to visit these places for real but to get a first impression it’s great. When I returned to the here and now I heard my son giggle next door.

Virtual Reality: more than a game

We really had fun visiting the VR Lounge. Virtual reality also becomes very important in other areas, though, such as in medical science. Surgeons are able to plan operations virtually as a preparation. Patients can meditate by using the glasses to escape stressful surgeries. Also architects and craftsmen can plan whole houses much better thanks to VR.

Great experience with my son

For virtual reality was a great experience. So if you want to climb the Eiffel Tower or the Liberty Statue and can’t make it  to Paris or New York at the moment, put on your glasses and go on a virtual short trip instead.


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