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Both of us have visited Vienna lately completely independent from one another. And we both fell in love with it all over again! We had visited the city several times before but it has been quite a while. On our visits we had enough time to explore Vienna once more to experience its beautiful sites. Which we want to introduce to you. As Vienna is beautiful and touches your heart!

the castle schönbrunn

The view down form the Gloriette of the castle is magnificent!
Castle Schönbrunn

There are so many places in Vienna that you should definitely visit but also outside of Vienna you will find places that are worth a visit.

Starting with this unbelievably beautiful location. The  castle Schönbrunn contains 1.441 rooms and has a gigantic view over the Austrian capitol from the Gloriette situated on a hill.

Each detail is on point!

The site is a museum, a local recretation area and  UNESCO World Heritage Site in one.

No wonder!

The former baroque summer residence for the empress Marie Therese is spacious, beautiful and with its 160 hectare worth a visit at all seasons.

You will find a maze there as well as the crown prince garden and the Japanese garden. In addition classical concerts are taking place every summer.

places of interests in the middle of vienna

Vienna’s landmark: the Stephansdom

The Stephansdom in Vienna is at least just as famous and a real gem.

The gothic building is the town’s landmark and looks fantastic with its colorful roof.

230.000 roof tiles in ten different colors were processed for it!

The Sacher hotel in Vienna

The Stephansdom is located on the Stephans’s square which locks up the most popular shopping street of Vienna: the Kärntnerstraße in the 1st district.

Sightseeing in front of the Hofburg

To stroll along until you reach the Karls’s square with the Sacher hotel and it’s famous Sacher torte is a must.

This also goes for a visit of the Hofburg!

The rose garden inside the Volksgarden

But to go for a walk in the Volksgarden is equally recommendable especially because of the wonderful rose garden!

And you shouldn’t miss the Spanish Riding School either.

Vienna is full of  objects of interests and one is more grand then the next!

But there are also locations that are completely different and still have charm of their own.

Vienna and its hidden treasures

one of the colorful houses made by Hundertwasser

The buildings of the world-famous architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser in the 3rd district for example are crooked, lopsided and multicolored and still affiliated with Vienna.

A walk among trees in the middle of the city!

Here the town seems to be almost sleepy with its narrow alleys and green lanes along the Donau canal next door.

Graffiti underneath bridge piers

Actually there are a couple of places along the canal which cannot be seen at first sight but are still worth to explore. Such as the route along the water in the 2nd district with its numerous graffitis. Very popular among cyclists!

Cafes, restaurants and markets

The Naschmarket !
nibbling on the famous  “nibble-market” should be a part of your visit

Oh yes, the city has a lot to offer concerning these!

The most well known and largest is the Naschmarket (nibble-market) which is located in between the left Vienna row and the right Vienna row.

The Naschmarket offers exactly what the name implies. A variety of gastronomy stands with the most delicious delicacies

…and exotic

Traditional food still plays a leading part in Austria’s capitol especially among cafés.

But there is also space for numerous exotic restaurants that are worth a visit.

our conclusion

Castle Belvedere
The restaurant Motto am Fluss (motto at the river) on the Donau canal.

Well we are on the same side again: Vienna is beautiful and definitely worth a visit!

Be it for a short trip or a longer one as the city is diverse enough to to be equally thrilling and recreative!



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