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A few years ago I used to be an Usedom- ambassador as I hosted image movies there and fell in love with the Island during my countless shootings. At that time I already found the long white beaches, the architecture of the baths and the beautiful nature fascinating. But how does my family think about it today? Together we explored the island again – through my children’s eyes…

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Direct behind the dunes – beach hotel Bansin

My Hotel Tip

We stayed at the cozy Three-Emperors-Bath Bansin. To be precise: at the Strandhotel Bansin – the beach hotel Bansin. The most children friendly hotel that I ever stayed at as a mother.

Surprises for the little ones

The reception alone with customized drinking cups and invitations to the mini club was hysterical! My kids Mina (5) and Nicolas (10) were thrilled by all the little details. Every evening a movie for children was screened in the lobby so that the grown-ups were left in peace at the bar next door. The separated dining room with a children buffet left nothing to be desired and we could even book  Wellness-Treatments for kids at the spa.

Huge swimming pool and great spa

To be honest I was the only one using the spa properly, the rest of my family preferred the huge swimming pool…

Why sunny island?

Usedom has an average of almost 1900 sun hours per year. In addition the white beach is 42 kilometers long. It was important to have the beach right in front of us. The highlight of the sunny island how Usedom calls itself.

With the handcart to the beach

First of all we put all the toys in a handcart and left to explore the city. At the promenade we found everything that a family can wish for. Be it a trampoline, yummy fish booths and numerous restaurants and shops.

exploring Usedom by bike

Bicyle tour along the promenade

On the 2nd day we bicycle tour to Poland (Stettin). It went easily because the countryside is absolutely flat and there are bicycle tracks everywhere.

One of the various fish booths on Usedom

The raunte through the Kaiserbäder Heringsdorf and Albeck  is beautiful and offers a lot of stop to pause.The sea bridges alone are wonderful suitable subjects to photograph. Stettin advertises it’s cheaper Poland market. There you can get all kinds of hodgepodge nd of course cheap cigarettes. But all in all it was quite shabby. The goal was the route, though.


Poland market



bad Weather, so what?!

There are endless possibilities for trips. I will introduce a few of my favorite ones: the biggest butterflies farm in Tassenheide with round about 2000 butterflies, the  „consorted house“ in the same town. The house is build upside down and you can make funny pictures there. And of course you can always go on a boat trip.

Th sand sculptures festival

We loved the sand sculptures festival in Ahlbeck. There you can marvel at more than 40 wonderful scenes out of fairy tales till November this year. We were in awe what kind of mythical creatures could be made out sand and my children would have loved to touch them.

lullaby deluxe

Apropos sand – we are a real sea-family and spend a lot of time there no matter how the weather was.

Beach idyll with the family

The beach hotel Bansin is just 50m away from the beach so that we could fall asleep listening to the sea swoosh.

Sea bridge on Usedom

As a big town child I am a total fan. I rave over my favorite island as it is a real oasis for me. In addition you don’t have to take a plane to get there. Thus my family decided that we will definitely come back for another vacation this year…


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