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Again I could meet the wonderful tv presenter Annett Möller to show her a few tricks how to sprengten her upper body. After her baby break last year Annett wants to train her upper body again without having to run to the gym all the time. So I showed her a few exercises that she can easily do at home.

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Upper body invigoration – chest

Knees, butt and head are in one line

To sprengten your chest the best exercise still is a classic: push-ups! The “girls variation” is done on your knees.

It’s extremely important to keep your upper body straight and solid. So please no hollow back!

Your head should be straight as well as an extension of your spine. Look down to the floor so you won’t crane your neck up.

Annett puts her hand nearer together, I put them wider apart!

The arms are placed in a right angle to the floor. Lower your nose to the floor then and push yourself up again.

The more your hand are apart the more this exercise will strengthen your shoulder. The nearer you put them together the more it strengthens your chest.



So try out some variations. 4 x 15 repetitions.

Upper body invigoration – Arms -biceps

Biceps workout with water bottles!
The elbows are kept at your waist!

Simply use two big bottles filled with water as dumb bells for this exercise! Place your elbows at your waist and bring your hands ups. You can hold the bottles at a right angel across or up just as you like. It is important, though, that you don’t use a momentum to swing the bottles up and that you don’t lock your elbows when straightening your arms otherwise it might stress your elbows!

You can also fill the bottle with sand which would make them heavier of course. I recommend to first start with normal 1,5 liters of waters and rather dot eh exercises more often instead of using heavier bottles. When you feel comfortable you could fill the bottles with sand then or even get dumb bells.

Alternde left and right, 4 x 15 repetitions.

Upper body invigoration – Arms -Triceps

Lunge and lean forward
Arms back and up!

No one is fond of flabby arms! This triceps exercise helps to reduce that phenomenon or even to prevent it. Use the bottles again and plant yourself in a lunge. Bend forward so your upper body is an extension of your back leg. When your right leg is back, put your right elbow with the water bottle back and up. Leave your elbow firmly in that position! The hand with the bottle is in a right angle towards your waist. This hand goes up like a pendulum until the arm is craned. 4 x 10 repetitions.

Upper body invigoration – Complex exercise

Sideways plank! A great complex exercise!

Complex exercises are one of my favorite as they cover large muscle groups! The sideways plank is extremely effective as it strengthens the whole upper body.

This exercise is a retention exercise. Your body is like a plank and needs to be put properly in a straight line. Hold for 30 seconds then switch side.



So please don’t sag in the middle!

Plank exercise on your elbows

It is less exhausting to do this exercise on your elbows. But don’t forget that your body still needs to be straight and solid! Hold for 30 seconds then switch side.

If you do these exercises 3 – 4 times per week you will feel and see changes after 4 – 6 weeks. It makes sense to also do something for your back and abs. You will find tips here  that I showed Annett!


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