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When the nicest influencer get together and put their smartphone aside pretty soon as to “like” becomes more important on person then virtually the host feels grateful. Which in this case were us, TwoTell! Because that wasn’t the only crazy thing during our influencer lunch. Find out how Blindman’s Buff, the Eastern bunny and breath taking workouts with high heels played certain roles as well. Of course we will tell you all in detail.

*advert due to product placement*

the preparation

Everyone was in a great mood. What do they hold in their hands? More insights later!

Almost a million followers need to be entertained! That is the added up number of our guests virtual followers. Which were: Kim Gloss, Melina Esmeralda, Victoria Jancke, Megabambi, Miyabi Kawai, Amandine von Les Berlinettes, Jacky von Whaelse, Vreni Frost, Dany Michalski and our cock in the basket, Aaron Troschke.

Amazing guests with lots of followers!

A wonderful mix which we wanted to entertain properly. We figured that a lunch alone would be too boring. And so came up with the idea of a “paper hunt for grown-ups”.

Our dear Instagramers, Bloggers and Youtubers had to fulfill assignments. The winner team got an extra price. But one thing after the other.

Arrival and moment of surprise

Roundtrip in the classy DS. Aaron Troschke went straight to his office!

We wanted our guests to feel as comfortable as possible at our TwoTell influencer lunch. Therefore each one of them was picked up by our wonderful shuttle-partner DS  from their homes.

Kim Gloss drove from the airport directly to the Ellington hotel after her return from her vacations in South Africa

The location was one of our favorite hotels, the Ellington with its restaurant Duke. We’ve already spend several hours there and had worshipped the delicacies from chef Florian Glauert several times on our blog, here for example.

The whole team form the restaurant and the hotel guaranteed a successful event as they are pure event professionals.

Champagne reception with Pommery

After a first get together at our Pommern-Champagne reception Annabelle and I held a small spontaneous speech.

A small speech in front of the flower wall by Florale Welten at the Hotel Ellington

No big Deal for us as we’ve known each other for over 20 years. It even got quite flowery. Non content wise but concerning the beautiful flower wall by  Florale Welten – the favorite selfie-hotspot of the day.

Then we announced the teams and some of the influencers were pretty surprised by what awaited them.

Station 1: search and you will find

Cheers to inner beauty – thanks to Elasten!

The three groups rotated  through the huge building to the different stations.

Megabambi, Jacky and Victoria know how to answer beauty questions!

At the first station of our partner Elasten our guests felt a bit as if it was Eastern.

Aaron and Kim searching for the bottles inside the wine cellar.

Because there they had to search for the awesome collagen drinks inside the historical wine cellar.

In addition our guests had to answer questions around the effective anti aging ampules. Here I was still doing great with my team consisting of Aaron, Kim and Miyabi.

Station 2: I pack my suitcase

Our style-room with Comma-fashion and suitcases by  Samsonite

After that we headed to the Galerie which we had decorated with cool outfits by Comma and a beloved luggage brand Samsonite.

Did I remember everything? Dany, Vreni, Amandine & Melina were highly concentrated.

We had hidden some pieces by Comma inside a large suitcase.

In a certain timeframe the pieces needed to be taken out of the suitcase, memorized, packed back and listed.

Katey noted the score while  Megabambi, Victoria & Jacky were still uncertain.

It was something of a stylish memory game. Most of our guests would have loved to take the clothes and the suitcases home.

Miyabi Kawai fell in love with this Samsonite suitcase. What luck that our goodiebags contained a suitcase voucher for each guest!

But here was more to come.

Here the teams of our charming aid Katey (Megabambi, Jacky and Victoria) and Annabelle (Dany, Vreni, Amandine, Melina) scored fully. We didn’t unfortunately due to a pair of plaid pants.

Station 3: a special sense of touch

Difficult conditions at the Womanizer Station for Megabambi.

A chosen team member had to guess three objects blindfolded at the next Twotell Influencer Lunch station.

Who wants to steal one of Vreni’s breasts?

And they reale had it in them as our partner Womanizer challenged our participants also with one of their top products. But we were quite surprised how much intuition our girls had so that each team scored fully!

Ups – Kim with one of the objects. Did you guess it? Therefor it was a paper chase for grown-ups…

We are not going to say more.

Station 4: the Bootcamp

Professional coach Tamer instructing our influencer

John’s Bootcamp built up a mini version in one of the suites which was also compatible for high heels.

Squats in a lunch outfit – everything was possible at the Bootcamp

Coach Tamer of the popular fitness chain still challenged our guests quite a bit.

Free according to the motto: calories of the lunch beforehand.

Selfie-queens under all circumstances: Victoria and Melina

Using the hashtag #burnharder we exercisedgab es planks, sit-ups and several other top exercises for a firm body.

Tamer challenged our guests. At the end especially the risible muscles were trained, though!

But the real challenge was to make stories at the same time. It was hilarious!

the food at the TwoTell Influencer Lunch

A delicious menu inside the Duke Restaurant which is part of the Hotel Ellington.

And with this our wonderful influencer group had truly earned the delicious three course menu. By the way, we had two winning teams, the one from Katey and from Annabelle.

#happyVreni: each winner could take a Pommery bottle home.

Only my group with Miyabi, Aaron and Kim was one point behind. But that didin’t matter as we all had great fun!

Beautiful vases by Desiary made the set-up perfectdas Bild!

Everyone was equally delighted by the decoration which we had arranged with beautiful vases from Desiary .

And then we had real delicacies such as artichokes with a truffels dressing or lobster bisque asa starter as well as duck with red cabbage and dumplings or pumpkin risotto. Amazing!

the Goodie bags

Victoria freute sich über den Matcha Tee von Carpe Diem
Jacky from Whales with sweets by Reber

Before we enjoyed the dessert(crème brulée) we still had a couple of surprises for our favorite influencers which were fully filled up goodie bags.

These we had packed the day before.

For us it was the right start to get in the mood for our event. Plus we had much more to give to our guests then sympathy.

Just the best for our influencers:  Freiöl products

Because we had products by Freiöl which we use ourselves and highly recommend. And something to consume with the Carpe Diem Matcha Tea and Mozartkugeln by  Reber.

Kim Gloss with the  amazing beauty products by Dr E. Voss and Paula’s Choice

The same goes for the amazing beauty products by Dr E. Voss, hergeswhich are manufactured after a special dermatology concept – we like!

Or the funny t-Shirts by Womanizer with the hashtag #orgasmisahumanright, serum by Paulas Choice and other wonderful goodies.

The t-shirt fits: #orgasmisahumanright

We had ordered special cups with our TwoTell  logo printed on them for our guests to remember us and our lunch sustainably at their  #morningroutine

it’s always best live

We had so much to talk and laugh about…

But they probably will anyway as the atmosphere at our TwoTell Influencer Lunch was just wonderful. Even if the world seems to be quite anonymous at times in the internet everything was friendly at our get together.

Annabelle & Mebabambi in her beautiful outfits by Comma in front of the flower wall

By the way: have you noticed how stylish many of our guests had looked? Of course they shone from within but on top they were wearing outfits by Comma Fashion to contribute to their looks. #outfitoftheday

Mara from Womanizer with Melina & Dany. What were they laughing about?

Our partners had time to talk to our guests.

And we already know that a couple of fruitful cooperations will result from that day.

Jennifer from Elasten with Dany, Vreni & Amandine from les Berlinettes

A win-win-situation for everyone! Us from Twotell are really happy about that. And all of us agreed that it is always the best to meet in person.

Photographed by Julia Baumgart


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