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The tricity at the Polish Baltic Sea consists of Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia and has honestly knocked me down with its flair. No wonder that this region of Poland is a real tourist magnet. Because every city enchants in its own way. The three cities are situated right next to each other and are connected by their unique location on Gdansk Bay. Nowhere else have I found three so completely different cities in one place that impressed me so much. And that even in the cold winter!

*This blog post contains restaurant and hotel tips and is therefore advertising*.

Gdynia – port metropolis

This place didn’t tell me anything before my visit here, but the northernmost place of the tricity is beautifully situated at the water.

Sightseeing in Gdynia

And has a great “window to the sea” with the south pier.

South pier Gdynia

You can drive to the end and park there. There is the main attraction, the sailing ship Dar Mlodziezy and directly opposite the aquarium (often long waiting times!). A bit further on we stroll past three museum ships. The locals recommend to visit at least one of them to get an impression of the great seafaring tradition of the city.

Beach in Orlowo


Because this place of the tricity has developed from a fishing village to a harbour metropolis. The city centre offers enough input for shopping fans like me – there are a lot of shops and delightful cafes here! The district of Orlowo impressed me personally. A small original beach section, where the fishermen fish and you can simply take a wonderful walk.


Food in Gdynia

Gdynia comes to life especially in the evenings, directly at the water there are several bars like the Browar Port Gdynia, where life is pulsating.

Typical polish: Pierogies

You can also go for a meal there, we have eaten very tasty in Pieterwas and Malika. Of course you should try “Pierogi” at least once, these are typical polish dumplings. My tip for that: the Pierogarnia “Pierozek” in the city.

There are even extra food tours through the tricity. Here a local food guide walks you through the restaurants and explains and tastes polish delicacies.

Living in Gdynia

No question about it, there is no more beautiful hotel than the Quadrille.

The design hotel is located in an old castle and the interior is based on “Alice in Wonderland”.

Hotel-Castle Quadrille


Bathtub in the room

My husband found the hotel by chance in the net, for that I am totally grateful to him. Because we had a wonderful time in the little design hotel, where every room is furnished differently. In our Shakespeare room, for example, there is a free bathtub, everything is designed precisely!

Great Interior design in Hotel Quadrille

And also the individual parts of the hotel are a real journey to the wonderland. By the way, only for guests aged 16 and over. But that was great for a short break and that’s what I say as a mother of two!



Sopot – The Sylt of Poland

Sopot is a dreamlike bathing hotspot with a beautiful sandy beach.

Sophisticated spa resort

Already more than a century ago the place was considered as a noble seaside resort and thus the townscape is coined by buildings from the 19th and early 20th century.

The crooked house in the tricity Sopot

Even today the spa town attracts many artists, there are constantly exhibitions, festivals and concerts. The actor Klaus Kinski was born here in 1926. With 40,000 inhabitants, Sopot is the smallest tricity. But also very relaxed, in my opinion. Here you can also relax and stroll in winter. The pedestrian zone Monte Cassino leads directly to the beach and turns into a real party mile in summer. I found the so-called crooked house there quite funny – there are several bars, cafes and restaurants.



Even at 4 degrees, I wasn’t bored in Sopot. Due to the location there are great fish restaurants like Manca or Bulaj for quite reasonable prices.

Longest mole in Europe

Not to be overlooked is also the mole. The sea bridge is with over 511 meters the longest in whole Europe. There you have  a beautiful view to the beach and the Baltic Sea coast. Even in winter it has lured some sauna fans into the cold water. I was totally baffled. Right on the beach is the sophisticated Grand Hotel, which, like many other hotels here, specialises in wellness treatments. So Sopot is really perfect to come down.



The tricity Gdansk has much more to offer in terms of sightseeing, here we walked for miles and simply couldn’t get enough of the beautiful facades.

Golden city

Gdansk, the golden city at the Baltic Sea, is always treated as an insider tip, which is really incomprehensible to me.

Big wheel in Gdansk

Because Gdansk has so much to offer: most of the buildings have been lovingly restored, so the whole cityscape is simply beautiful, but still original. Gdansk is already over 1000 years old and looks back on an eventful history.



Those who first want to get an overview from above should climb the 90 steps to the tower of the famous Mary’s church (highest brick church in the world) or simply climb into the big wheel, which stands directly at the harbour.

Gdansk, city at the water

Gdansk is especially famous for its old town.

Townhall with Neptune’s fountain

The Green Gate, the Neptune Fountain on the Dluga (Long Street), the Town Hall with its sundial, the large Krantor on the Mottlau, the Long street and the Mary’s street are the highlights. It is really fun to stroll through the old town, past old restored patrician houses.


Those who like amber should definitely go to Mariacka Street, which is full of shops selling jewellery. Amber  is so closely connected to Gdansk that the city is also called the “golden city”.

Coincidentally discovered: bridge with love castles

Outside the old town there are still some great sights that I at least want to mention, even though I didn’t make it there anymore. One of them is the Westerplatte, the part of the coast where the Second World War started in 1939. A historically exciting place! If you want to dive deeper into the polish history, you should visit the “European center of the Solidarność”. A quite new museum, which is interactively developed. Honestly, I was not in the mood for it that day and just let myself drift, because you can do that in Gdansk great.

Historical flair in the old city


eating in Gdansk

The recommended restaurants like the Manda or the Pierogarnia u Dzika were unfortunately packed and so we looked for something ourselves. There are countless restaurants and cafes like the Goldwasser. A bit behind it, a little off the beaten track, is the plush, small cafe “Restauracja Jacobsen“, I really liked. The prices in the Tricity are really cheap, on average a plate of Pirogies with a drink costs less than 10 Euro.



The 4-day trip to the Tricity was one of the most beautiful for me. There is hardly so much variety in any other place. Whether sightseeing, historical flair, dream beaches, nightlife or great restaurants.

Poland’s Baltic coast is worth a visit even in winter

The tricity offers all this. For my husband and me it was a very romantic trip, where we learned and saw a lot at the same time. But we were also able to relax very much. Warsaw and Prague are beautiful cities, no doubt about it. But this part is probably underestimated, but for me it is really the most beautiful part of Poland.

You can find more great travel tips for the Baltic Sea coast here.


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