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The Butcher is a name with which everything seems to be explained concerning the concept of the restaurant. Not true! When we entered we knew immediately from the interior that this place was special. Be it the cozy style or the food, the Butcher is worth a visit.

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The Butcher – the interior

Long bar in the front…
living room in the back.

The Butcher at the Kantstraße 144 in Berlin Charlottenburg looks – besindes the part in the front with its long bar, high tables and artistic tiles – like a big apartment.

Here you will find a living room with shelves and a big table  for groups. From there you go to two adjacent rooms with couches, long chairs and even a long chair swing.

The oversized plush ox
luminous art

If you are looking for a typical restaurant interior you won’t find any. And that’s wonderful! We love die instantly!

Due to that concept there are seating possibilities everywhere with low tables that makes eating a bit of a challenge. But it’s worth it. It’s like at home. A really cozy and stylish home!

And the highlight of special interior design is no doubt the hanging ox…made of plush!

The butcher – the food

A veggie variation!
truffled french fries with poached eggs p

It’s easy to describe the food: delicious! Through and through!

Be it burgers, truffled french fries with poached eggs or salad with avocadoThe calamari and the truffled mayonnaise, corn pops and sweet potatoes chips or the vegetarian burger with falafel.

Everything was exquisite!

Artful  avocado salad
Burger, french and truffled mayonnaise

We ate our way through the menu and weren’t disappointed.  The Butcher offers wonderful starters, yummy main dishes and the dessert…Wow!

A chocolate dessert to die for

The crème brulée and the mousse au chocolat which was served with a crispy chocolate creation were mouth watering!

Even though we were totally satisfied after the big dishes we couldn’t leave that out. Which totally paid off! And on top the drinks don’t fall short in any way.


Dessert served with a smile!

You should definitely visit the Butcher! The food is really great and the menu diversified.

Furthermore the staff is really sympathetic and well informed. In addition you can also eat outside in the beautiful patio when the weather in Berlin is nice. We will definitely visit again!

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