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It’s been years that my hair needs to endure coloring. My natural hair color is just a bit lighter as the dull street dogs color and I don’t like it at all. Of course I know that it’s not good for my hair even though it is still in pretty good shape. But how do it get long, straight and most of all healthy hair? Tannin is the natural miracle cure. I tested for you how the treatment works!

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Tannin – what is that actually?

That’s how my hair looks before

I have to admit that I was a bit sceptical when I entered the new hair dresser salon by Ayse Auth in Berlin. Die TV-viewer know her and her twin sister from shows such as ZDF-Fernsehgarten or „Einfach hairlich“ on RTL 2.

Ayse, the blond-expert, told me first of all: „Tannin is a natural tanning agent. It gets activated through heat and due to that straightens the hair naturally. Without any chemicals or hair damages“

the procedure

Thorough cleansing by Ayse Auth

I can’t wait. So on I put the cape and off I go to the sink. The first Ashe does is washing my hair thoroughly with a special shampoo. This is crucial for the tannin to properly cover the hair fibers. Then the hair dresser puts on the tannin strand by strand to aspirate for 30 minutes.

Tannin strand by strand

This treatment is for everyone no matter what hair structure or hair color – even dyed – you have. Especially people with very  delicate hair feel a great difference afterwards, says Ayse.

After leaving on the substance for 30 minutes the boss herself rinses and dries my hair. For the tannin to sink in even more into my hair fiebre she uses a straightening iron.

Straight and glowing after the heat treatment

That is virtually the activating process of the component. My hair feels smooth and it glows, luv it!


The great thing is: the treatment is supposed to last for up to four months. But only if I treat it right which means a hairmask once a week.

Ayse: „We need to workout, too, to keep our figure in shape. The same goes for hair after such a tannin treatment“.

The result

That’s how it looks!

My hair is definitely easier to blow dry and coif. Even though the appear to be softer and non-frizzy they are easy to style. Therefore I ca clearly recommend such a tannin treatment. It made my hair stronger and more glowing. A great effect I find.

Totally changed after the treatment!


  1. Hi, I have one question as I am thinking about tanino treatment. And the question is about how to treat them after smoothing with tanino? I mean to put hair mask just once a week? Not every day when I have to wash my hair everyday ? And what kind of mask it has to be? Hoping to get respond from you soon. And thanks in advance. Karolina

    • Hi Karolina, my experience with tannin was really good. I just did a hair mask once or twice a week, for me it was enough. I use a hair mask for dyed hair. But of course I took (and still take) a lot of conditioner after every hair wash!Good luck with the treatment, we hope to hear from you. Kind regards, Tanja

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