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The grill season has started and my husband and I are total barbecue fans. And while he loves to stand at the huge grill to take care of the main course I always ask myself: what side dish am I going to prepare? Ever since I tasted an unusual combination of sweet potatoes and figs at a friends place I am addicted to it. And so are our barbecue guests by the way. In addition the best side dish is fast to prepare and looks really nice as well.

The ingredients

the ingredients

For 4 servings you need  1 kg sweet potatoes, olive oil, Balsamico vinegar, 12 seeing onions, 1 chill pepper, 6 ripe figs, 150 g soft goat cheese, salt and pepper!

Grill or oven – as long as it’s soft

First I mix 3 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 tea spoons of salt and some pepper. I cut the sweet potatoes in half and the halves in three wedges. Then I coat the wedges with my mixture.  On the grill the wedges go with the skin on the grate. If you don’ have a grill you can of course roast the wedges in the oven. It usually takes round about 25 min at a moderately high temperature. The potatoes should be soft without falling apart.  Finally they need to cool down.

Sweet potato wedges
Sweet potatoes in the stock

the Dressing

I boil 40 ml Balsamico vinegar with 20 g sugar in a pot before I reduce the temperature to let the mixture simmer for around 3 minutes. By then it should be thickened. The I take the pot from the stove. Beware that the liquid might continue thickening. Just add some water if that happens.

the Finishing

The extras

Now I arrange the still warm potatoe wedges in a bowl. I warm up 2 table spoons of olive oil in a pot and add the cut spring onions as well as the chili pepper. Then I let the onions and the pepper fry for around 5 minutes and finally spread everything over the sweet potatoes. And finally I cut the figs in quarters and put them in between the wedges before I dribble some Balsamic vinegar on top. And at last comes the cloud: the goat cheese! Just crumble it and spread it to your taste over the dish.

the best side dish of the world

Goat cheese & Balsamico

To be honest this wett potatoe-fig-combinataion is much more then just a side dish. It is quite filling and can be a proper meal for vegetarians. Try to find out if you can get fresh figs. Sometimes that’s not that easy and without them there really is something missing. Ah and of course the dish is served lukewarm. But you will surely receive some hot compliments for it. Enjoy your meal!


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