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Super-foods are being hyped in the media. Supermarkets and health-food stores promote them as THE new thing to boost our health. But to tell you the truth, chia-seeds, Goji-berries and what not simply are expensive substitutes for regional products. And on top we can’t know the details about the manufacturing processes. Plus they damage our environment. So why look in the distance if the good things are just around the corner.

Super-food? Chia-seeds are expensive and plain

Chia-seeds for instance come from Mexico originally. They are expensive and taste totally plain. But they are great for our digestion because they swell by adding liquid. In addition they contain loads of omega-3-fatty acids, minerals and fibers. Hence the social media flip out and create one Chia pudding after the other.

Flax-seeds as the cheap alternative to chia-seeds

For a fraction of the price we can create an equivalent health booster, though, by using flax seed! They also swell in our stomach in combination with liquid and stimulate our digestion. Furthermore they even contain more omega-3-fatty acids then chia-seeds. And minerals and fibers, too, of course. In addition our regional flax seeds taste nutty and are super cheap.

Blueberries are regional super-foods


Goji-berries are being imported from China. Therefore we are unable to really know the detail about the crop growing. And through the import Goji-berries mutate into an environmental catastrophe.

Maybe our regional fruits aren’t so sexy. Still our good old strawberries or berries in general definitely earn the title super-foods. Our domestic berries contain a huge amount of antioxidants and are true health boosters.

Speaking of sex-appeal. Not something we think of while looking at cabbage. But trust me, all cabbages are super-foods! They all contain loads of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. And all cabbages – meaning broccoli, white cabbage, broccoli sprouts, red cabbage, brussels sprouts and green cabbage – have something in common: the so called glucosinolates.

Red cabbage, colorful and full of healthy ingredients

During the digestive process they convert into anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic substances. So why not drink smoothies with green cabbage instead of expensive matcha powder from Japan?

Of course Chia-seeds, Goji berries and all contain ingredients that are good for our health so they can be called super-foods. But this goes also for our domestic products.

So I strongly recommend to save money by supporting regional products and going easy on our environment!


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