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It cannot be any more natural, that’s pure bio. I always have one on the terrace, it’s easy to maintain and if I put a piece of it in the fridge the effect is even greater! Super skin due to a potted plant! A skin boost made easy!

Yesterday I did it again! I took a knife and went on our terrace to cut off a leaf of our aole vera plant. That I put in the fridge and this morning I had the perfect wake up face mask. For that I always cut the leaf open lengthwise and place the cut surface directly on my face. I push them around a bit and massage the cool gel in to my skin. I can instantly feel that my skin loves it! No wonder! The leaves of the aloe vera plant are tightly filled with moisture and can store it so well that it is suppose to work for our skin, too. A real super skin plant!

Well, it works for me! I have been doing it for some time now regularly and my skin feels great. As I am 46 I have tried out all kinds of skin care so that my skin stays healthy and plump. Trust me, aloe vera is the winner! And it is so easy! Put the plant next to a window, on a balcony or the terrace, water it sometimes and you have your own biological skin care. Our skin absorbs the gel extremely fast. My skin tends to tighten afterwards therefore I add a bit of lotion. Done! The feeling? Great! The effect? Awesome!

That we should apply aloe vera gel after a sun burn is generally known. It is recommended so that our skin regenerates and heals faster. And that’s exactly what we can use on a day to day basis.

Get an aloe vera plant, take care of it carefully and you can treat your skin every now and then with a little repair.



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