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I live in the middle of Berlin in an attic appartment with my family. During summer it gets really hot up here. Therefore our motto is: OUT! We have explored Berlin’s beautiful surroundings a lot already and there a great lakes in that area. But my kids (9 year old Nicolas and 4 yeard old Mina) prefer the open air swimming pool because of the water being clear. In contrast to dark lakes!

My husband and I (and probably many other parents) aren’t great fans of over crowded puplic open air pools, pubescent teenagers, loud speakers and endless queues at the pay-desk. But what can you do if you don’t have friends with a pool and the kids keep asking for it? We become soft! As all four of us like to sleep in on the weekend and enjoy having breakfast unhurriedly it is out of the question to be at the pool before 11 am. This time, tough, I swore to myself it will be the last time. Because: we had to wait for exactly 46 minutes in the burning sun before it was our turn. Of course the swimmig pool was totally overcrowded on this hot summer’s day so we had to squeeze us on a tiny towel in a far away corner. The queue to the 5 m water jumping tower was so long even my son gave up. But we still had great fun splish splashing around, jumping in the pool, swimming and cooling down. Before we called it a day french fries with ketchup and mayonnaise were of course obligatory! Which reminded me of my childhood. It was just the same back then! Thank you beloving mum and dad that you made that possible. From my point of view today for us parents public swimmig pools are a real challenge!


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