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King soccer will dominate the world again between June 14th till July 15th this year due to the World Championship in Russia. And to be honest: we are thrilled! Because this kind of competition forms not only bonds between the eleven people on the field but also between us at home.  Be it at BBQs during the games, at public viewings or in front of the telly at home. And for that we have tested the coolest, most tasteful and stylish World Championship products and came up with a top ten list which looks like a winner!

*Advertisement due to product placement!

1. MUSIcal clock

musical clock by Lambertz

It’s okey when fans are chanting of course but this musical clock can do more then just playing good music. It brings crunchy peanuts with it!

2. Break filler

break filler by World of Sweets.

The score is tight after 45min and it’s about the finals? The only thing that can help then is this half time gap bridge made of chocolate by World of Sweets.

3. chocolate shoes

soccer studs to nibble on by Arko

Weren’t the studs responsible for our title at the miracle of Bern? Therefore it’s time to grant them a special appearance. Until the little Arko chocolate shoes melt away again…

4. World championship Gin

It-drink gin for the world championship  – Ginsanity, made in Germany

The perfect drink for a soccer evening is of course not beer but the special edition of the gin producer Ginsanity from Cologne. By the way, Ginsanity has won an award already and I am sure our national team will get on as well…Nastrovje!

5. Tongue Tattoo


tongue tattoo for real fans

One of the most hysterical World Championship products surely is this  tongue tattoo in the shape of a football. My son has already tried out the edible paper and is convinced that we will score many goals with it!

6. Girl power Shirt


Cheerleading at it’s best: girl power with Riani

Now let’s talk about some fashion items. To cheer and  be in the right spirit works best if dressed properly. With this girl power shirt by Riani  you are definitely perfectly prepared to do exactly that. Cause what would the best team in the world be without its fans?

7. World championship Ring

Works Championship ring by Bering

Delicate, meaningful and a great lucky charm for Manuel Neuer and the others is this ring by Bering in black, red and gold. The perfect accessory to cheer!

8. Black oR wHite?  the WOrld champion Look

Soccx offers two World Championship shirts

Here we already have it black on white. Germany is going to be the next World Champion! At least Soccx strongly believes in it!

9. Comma


Shirt with a message

Go! Fight! Win! That’s the right spirit dear comma designers. And with this shirt you might score a few extra points for the style.

10. A worLd championship product with a peaceful message

All national teams united at Kreml

There are many negative headlines in preparation of the World Championship about Putin’s restrictions in Russia! This shirt by OUI symbolizes a good spirit among all nations. So whoever is going to win the next World Championship: long live soccer!

We are sure that with these products you are perfectly prepared for the World Championship. Same as Jogi’s men on the field hopefully!



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