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Stars in Concert is Berlin’s number one live show. For 20 years Stars in Concert has been taking the audience into the showbiz world. The world’s best lookalikes perform as music legends live on stage. I visited the anniversary show which was a real blow off.

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At the anniversary show

The stars in concert doubles

So far I’ve only seen parts of the show. Be it Elvis Presley, Tina Turner, Marilyn Monroe or Freddy Mercury. The artists on stage don’t only look like the originals but they also sing and perform with the same passion. More then 50 artists belong to the stars doubles as the program changes frequently..


I felt like a teenager again when Madonna  performed „Vogue“.  And the Blues Brothers were intoxicating when they ran though the aisles! Even Marylin Monroe liked to flirt with people from the audience.

The maker of stars in concert

Blues Brothers

The maker of that successful show is the producer Bernhard Kurz who brought the concept from Las Vegas to Berlin. More then 5,5 million spectators have seen  Stars in concert so far in 8500 performances. A brilliant idea! And lucrative on top as the entrance prices start at round about  30 Euro.

Die Monroe

The location

In Berlin the show takes place at the Estrel Hotel in Neukölln but the doubles also go on tour sometimes! One of the guests at my table was Julian F.M. Stöckel, a „Stars in concert“-fan, an authentic Berlin citizen and one of the stars that went into “The Jungle”. The media love Julian and Julian loves Stars in Concert. He thinks the show is a real cult!

With  Julian F.M. Stöckel


If you love the music and enjoy to be in a reminiscent mood sometimes you get one’s money’s worth. It is a bit sad, though, that these stars have never shared a stage in real life. I still have that picture in my mind when all of them stood together for the finale!

Freddy Mercury

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