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As many of you know we love to try out new things as a family.  And this time we experienced something really crazy – skiing in the summer! But not on a glacier. We just had to travel for two hours from Berlin to reach the skiing hall Hamburg-Wittenburg. Let me tell you how it was to ski down the slopes when we had 30 degrees Celsius outside and what Felix Neureuther has in common with us.

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the preparations

A great view into the hall from the adjacent hotel a.k.a. restaurant

Packing our stuff already felt pretty weird! We had to collect our long underwear and fleece jackets while it was 32 degrees in our penthouse. We had to laugh so hard!

But we were really looking forward to visiting the skiing hall where the temperature was supposed to be a minus 1 degree Celcius. No more sweating!

the skiing hall

huge skiing hall with 2 slopes

And that’s exactly how it was.

The skiing hall was huge with 30.000 sqm, the skiing pistes moderately high but the temperature was low. -1 degrees Celsius!

We loved the climate change!

great equipment and consulting

Modern techniques & professional advice

First of all the professional team gave us some smart advice and equipped us with  great skis . Then our adventure “skiing in the summer” started.

Chair lift and drag lift at our disposal

The chair lift brought us up the slope as comfortable as on a real skiing piste.

And there was also a drag lift for children. The main slope – which is a blue piste – is 330m long and 80m wide. It only has a decline of 17% so it is easy to ski. For beginners and children there even is a practice slope with only 10 % decline further down.

Professional slopes

The highlight: a red segment for passionate skiiers! Some even said it was an almost black one. Oh well, it had 31 % decline but unfortunately was closed for us.

Professionals train at the alpincenter Hamburg -Wittenburg

Because there is where professionals such as world cup skiers train during the summer . When we were there the English and the Croatian slalom teams trained which looked pretty cool.

German skiers such as Felix Neureuther also benefit from the hall to stay in the flow during summer and to get fit for the mountains.

And that’s exactly what we had in mind as well.

Kids skiing course

Therefore we had booking a  skiing course for our children. For that the short slopes were super practical.

Skiing in the summer – our conclusion

Be it because the weather is bad or it’s imply too hot or just to find out whether you will be a future fan of skiing or snowboarding. For that the indoor skiing hall is perfect.

Wonderful skiing fun for the whole family

Of course it doesn’t have the same flair as romantically snow covered mountains. But if you don’t want to spend a lot of money immediately without knowing if it’s the right sport for you try this out. All you have to spend is 34 Euro for an adult day pass and 26 Euro for children.

And one thing is clear – here you can enjoy skiing with a a weather guarantee.


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