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Skiing is one of these sports that need a lot of effort. But I don’t want to miss one hour on the boards. I learned skiing properly fairly late fifteen years ago when I was beginning of my 30ies. Today I ski any slope, be it blue, red or black, mogul slopes or deep powder snow and can recommend skiing to anone. Let me tell you why!

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Skiing and enjoying the landscape

View to the MaierlAlm
Skiing in the early morning

To get up early and enjoy the view over the mountains is pricesless for me. The air is so clear then and no sound can be heard, wonderful!

Between 8 and 9 am the slopes are freshly maintained and there is barely a person on the piste. The lifts are starting to open, though. It is abslutely worth it to enjoy the mountinas at this time of the day and to take in the view, the skiing and the air consciously.

Taking a break with a beautiful view

You can even enjoy more of it if you stay in a ski in-ski out place which means in the middle of it right by a skiing piste. Hence you can start directly from the front door and come back to it at the end of your skiing day.

I always try to find such a place but sometimes that isn’t easy. So take care of it early enough!


This year we were lucky, though, in the last minute and found a room at the beautiful perfectly situated MaierlAlm. Like that I could start really early in the morning before anyone else was on the piste!

Skiing – the technique

Ski with pressure!

If you love wintersports you either belong to the skiiers or the snowboarders. For me skiing is clearly my favorite. I tried snow boarding but never liked the sideway position and the fixed feet.

To learn skiing properly you need much more time, though, to work on the technique!

Cant the valley ski and turn your shoulders towards the valley

To tilt the valley ski and to consequently swing from one turn to the next is crucial for not losing control.

The shins press downwards whereas you  “sit” down a bit to put enough pressure on the boot hence the skis.

Your shoulders always both need to turn towards the direction you are going to which is the valley.


It sounds easy and it actually is if you find a person that will explain it to you properly.

my favorite skiing regions

Vacation for your soul in the  Salzburger Land

We are lucky in Europe to have the best conditions to go skiing. Even when the weather is not perfect in lower skiing areas we have enough glaciers to go skiing there.

The mountains from their most beautiful side

I love the Salzburger Land! Be it the Kitzbühler Alpen where I went last week or the other ski regions. I have skied almost everywhere in the Salzburger Land and can recommend all  areas. One tipp of mine is to go to  Kaprun, as the glacier there has top conditions also before and after the main seasons and is small and clearly laid out.

If you avoid the main season you can ski and live there or on and near any other glacier much cheaper and enjoy skiing nice and relaxed.

My equipment tipp

Tanja in her Schöffel combo

Now is the best time to get your own equipment. The season is almost over and all the ski equipment is on sale. For example Tanja got this fantastic combination of jacket and pants from Schöffel.

She is super happy that she can ski much better equipped from now on as the combination is warm, stylish and contains lots of inner pockets and what not.

And: no matter how well you ski, get your own boots that fit perfectly. Only then you will really enjoy that special sport. In Germany  Karstadt Sport and Decathlon have sales right now.

The inner shoes of my boots were heated to be molded around my feet. I have been skiing with them for ten years now so believe me, that investment is worth it.  I always rent skis, though, after having destroyed my own skis as I am an extreme skier. Thereby I can always use the newest models and never have to wax or grind my skies. Well, have fun then!


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