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A trip to Sea Life means to dive right into the underwater world and to learn a lot about fish and sea animals. There are more then 5.000 sea dwellers living inside the huge aquarium at Berlin-Alexanderplatz. Which makes it the best spit to visit on a rainy day with your family.

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The ray tank

suitable for children

First of all there are sheets with quiz questions for children right at the entrance that the kids can fill in during their visit.  It also contains riddles which need to be solved to get to the password in the end. My ten year old son Nicolas was hooked immediately. He eagerly participated and learned a lot along the way.

true to scale

Be it in the pirates room or in the shark tank where shark models are being exposed true to scale, children of all ages are truly inspired there.

My little daughter Mina (5) was thrilled about the cute sea horses and the rays Kindergarten. I am sure you can guess which of the soft animals she wanted to tae home in the end. Of course such an excursion needs to end in the vivitprs shops which is full of temptations. There you find Nemo on a cup, pink pirate swords or seahorse to cuddle with. As a parent it is reeeeally difficult to leave without having bought half of the shop offers. Therefore it is much better to put on two pirate eye patches. 😉

Fish in all sizes
Dorie? Nemo?

Subject diversity

There are all in all 17 different subject areas exposed on 1800 qm. You will fin different tanks but also small attractions. Actually I realized that the small things drew more attention than the big ones. We stayed for an eternity in front of the clown fish tank. The 35 aquariums are designed true to life. Over again you have the possibility to watch feedings or to touch directly. For example at the so called touch-tank with sea stars and crab. But not only exotic fish are shown. Regional lakes and rivers are also part of the exhibition.

Sea LIfe Prices

The entrance price at Sea Life are steep, though. 39,95 Euro for grown-ups and 29,95 Euro for children. You will find cheaper tickets, thgouh, if you reserve them online beforehand at

water tunnel


My personal highlight was the water tunnel. I found it really spectacular. You have feeling as if you are in the middle of the underwater world-without having to hold your breath!


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