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I wasn’t sure what to expect when we drove to Marzahn, Berlin’s skyscraper catastrophe with zero atmosphere, to visit the International Garden Exhibition IGA. Flowers in the middle of a concrete desert? Can that be beautiful! Yes, it can! 

To be honest, to get there was no fun as we were so stupid to take the car while the underground stops next to the IGA! There was no possibility, though, to park there. You couldn’t cheat either as there were parking guards everywhere! They were also the ones to send us to a parking space at the end of the world. From there we could take a bus shuttle to the IGA. A confusing concept! Crystal clear was on the other hand the image of this years#s IGA as a beautiful sea of flowers. Opulent, fanciful with tipps to imitate. A color explosion despite the concrete. As a child I grew up in Bad Zwischenahn on the countryside and we had a garden with wild raspberries. Therefore the IGA really pushed a nerve within me! Generously composed with interesting themes such as design incitements how to plant your balcony or your terrace or how to arrange your garden. But I loved the flowers most! Some of them were as big as softballs dandling in the wind in their beautifully designed beds. we could taste wines outside  or visit a glass house with Asian orchid worlds, really great! From the cable car we could dip into the whole garden and flower exhibition from above, awesome! And of top there is a huge look-out in the middle of it all with a nice cafe at the bottom. The IGA is supposed to make Marzahn more attractive but will that be successful? The concrete skyscraper will always be there and especially from the look-out the view is quite depressing. Better to take the cable-car which is included in the ticket as the view from there is absolutely amazing! You can go and visit the IGA till October 15th. It’s worth it! You will find all information on


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