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I have been living in Berlin for over fifteen years and still I keep discovering new fascinating areas. The Schoeneberger south area for example: that mixture of decaying railway construction, nature resort an art objects is crazy and unique. You constantly spot something new!

We made a Sunday trip with the kids. The nature park has 18 hectare so it’s huge. It contains a former marshaling yard with its old railway and an ancient steam engine. Of course my kids loved it. A part of the park is a nature reserve. A 600 meters long trail leads over steel grids passing 300 kinds of flowers, 50 types of mushrooms and almost as many bird species. It was great to see the forest and  its wildlife though the grids. We had the feeling as if hiking in some kind of primeval forest. By the way in 2000 the nature park was part of the EXPO.

Next to the park’s trademark, a 50 meter high water tower, is a small café where you can find some snacks!

There are interesting sculptures everywhere and sometimes events such as theater plays or exhibitions take place. In any case we get a kind of Tarzan and Jane feeling – only the lianes are missing! It was definitely not our last trip to the Schoeneberger south area. On our way home we discussed wildly who had loved what most!



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