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Our children belong to the generation 2.0, surfing the internet is normal after a certain age. Schools also work with teaching methods on the internet. So far so good as it has of course a lot of advantages. But especially for children the internet is very dangerous because they can’t judge many things. And I’m not talking about games like Fortnight. We’ve now bought a brand new device called eBlocker, which allows the whole family to surf the net safely and to  protect us from trackers.

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I was born in the 70s – a time when there were no smartphones and no Internet. Then I slowly got to know all that during my studies. As a TV journalist, I have come to appreciate the many possibilities of Internet research. As a mother, however, I am concerned about our development towards the transparent human being. We are all familiar with that. As soon as you search the net for a product, you are bombarded with advertising offers. Providers create personality profiles with so-called trackers who follow us through the Internet and note down what we like. This is questionable and a serious encroachment on online privacy.


A small white cube that protects your online privacy: eBlocker

To better protect us from trackers, my husband bought us a device called eBlocker Pro. Price: 200 Euro. Yes, it’s quite an investment, but it’s worth it for us. Because the device is a real gatekeeper to the Internet, with which we can better control our online privacy. Phishing e-mails and viruses no longer stand a chance. The small white cubes recognize data-collecting trackers and switch them off. Advertising is blocked and the volume of data decreases. How useful!


By the way, the idea came from a Hamburg Startup, the installation is quite simple.

Simple installation of the device

To be honest, I only say that from the perspective of the audience. I’m not really a technology freak now, so I was glad that my husband took over. The small box is simply docked by cable to the router and supplied with power. This way it blocks all known tracking systems and protects against any sniffing services. By the way, this works on all devices we have (smartphone, tablet, laptop).


Of course, as a mother of two children, I am worried that they might accidentally end up on sites on the net that are not good for them.

The youth protection function blocks unwanted content

Of course we have installed the youth protection on the children’s devices, but I think this solution is even more experienced. Our eBlocker is multi-user capable. This means: an administrator (my husband) is authorized to assign devices and profiles to the user accounts and to set certain websites as forbidden or allowed. Website filters are also possible. We filter all content that we want to keep away from our children. And: we can also set certain times when surfing is not possible. So if my son is at home alone, it is not possible for him to gamble.


Zocken darf mein Sohn, aber bitte kontrolliert!

Not only as parents, but also as users we feel much safer that way. For me, the eBlocker is a kind of feel-good package for data security and protection for my children. Many companies do not comply with the new data protection regulation, spy on us mercilessly and manipulate us. With this technology, however, I no longer leave any fingerprints on the Internet. The little white “magic cube” not only protects us at home, but also on the go in other networks.


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