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I have travelled a lot and seen a lot but Rome is so beautiful it took my breath away. As I had hosted the gala of the Global Press Conference of the IFA there I extended my stay for a couple of days after my job to enjoy the city. And loved it!

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La Piazza Venezia

the beauties of rome

Rome has so many tourist attractions and each one is unique and absolutely beautiful! I started with the Piazza Venezia which towered over a huge square filled with buses and cars. So much traffic! But you will notice that the athmosphere in Rome is still quite peaceful compared to other cities. It took me a while to get it but Romas don’t use their horns or yell at each other!.

Then there is the Forum Romanum which is definitely worth a visit on a sunny day. I was overwhelmed by all the old sites which make Rome a perfect mix of nostalgia and modernism. It’s really magic!

Forum Romanum
Circus Maximus
Das Colosseum

Be it the Circus Maximus, the Colosseum or architectural exceptions such as the Trajan Column unique piece of art made of one

stone in 113 B.C.

Rome is filled with anique spots that are each breath taking.

Der Trevi Brunnen
Trajan pillar

Of course you need to visit the Fontana di Trevi to throw in a dime even though you practically need to stand in line for a gap to do so.

This place is packed!

But again, the atmosphere is peaceful and friendly.

And if the weather is beautiful, it is the perfect set up to make your wishes come true.

Mine did, by the way!

Must see places to eat, rest or shop

The Navona Spaure
Überall leckeres Eis !

The Piazza Navona is only for pedestrians and very spacious.

This the right place to enjoy some ice cream and walk around to adore the beautiful buildings and the street artists.


The district Trastevere is THE place to visit in the evening to enjoy great food in one of the numerous restaurants, cozy bars or simply wander through the streets.

There you will find so many spots to eat or hang out that I wouldn’t know where to start!


The Via Condotti

Rome also has it’s share of shopping spots, though, such as the Via Condotti with Dior, Fendi, Gucci and all the other famous haute couture stores.

The Spanish Steps

These you will find at the bottom of the Spanish Steps which you should definitely walk down.

Das Restaurant Palazzetto

If you do you will notice the Restaurant Palazzetto on top of the stairs with its terrace and great view over the beautiful steps lavishly decorated with tons of beautiful flowers.

Durch’s Schlüsselloch geguckt!
The Aventine key hole!

But you can also always take a look over the city instead of being in the middle of it all.

At the Orange Gardens for instance. Here you can rest before you leave for a peek through the Aventine key hole where you can see the St.Peter’s Dome from far away.


The st.peter’s dome and the pantheon

Im St.Petersdom
Da hätte ich den St.Petersdom beinahe eingesteckt!!

You definitely should take your time to visit the St.Peter’s Dome. Of course it is packed and you need to stand in line and you need to cover your knees and shoulders and all but it’s all worth it.

Plus the organisation is well managed so you don’t have to wait that long.

Statues of the Saints
The Swiss Guard

It belongs to the most important churches worldwide and is so huge that 20.000 peolpe fit in! To visualize it’s size you will find the measurements of other famous churches on the

floor inside to show easily they fit inside the Peter’s dome.This church is so beautiful and has endless details of tesselations and inlays you wonder how it could have been built without the modern technial possibilities!

I loved it so much I wanted to take it home. 😉

The Pantheon
Dome of the Pantheon

The Pantheon  on the other hand is form another time. It was finished around 125 B.C but not to be a church! It was probably a place to worship the old Roman gods before it was baptized in the middle ages to carry the name Santa Maria ad Martyres.

Inside the Pantheon

But although the outside is simple and quite dull, the inside surprises you with it exceptional dome. This dome was the biggest levitating dome for more than 1.700 years! SO impressive!

Go and explore the eternal city! You will take the beauty and history with you and you will long to go back for a visit. Just like me!


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