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Quer quatschen! (talking all over!) describes quite exactly what will you can expect from our new podcast. Because let’s not kid ourselves! We’ve been friends for 20 years, we’ve been on the road a lot and our jobs have allowed us to get close to what’s going on, so we really have a lot to tell. TwoTell has showing this from the beginning, but now it’s time for us to evolve. Why? Read for yourself!

Quer quatschen!

Quer quatschen! Our new baby is a podcast!

We both started as editors at RTL a good 20 years ago. That’s where we got to know each other. Since then, writing has been part of our job. Whether it’s preparing moderations or researching topics and writing texts about them. You can see this in our blog posts. We deal with a wide variety of topics and try to give you a well-founded overview of backgrounds and motivations instead of just scratching the surface.

But when we founded TwoTell two years ago, we knew that this was a good platform to do other things together that we enjoy. Like our TwoTell Ladiesdinner for example! And our Podcast Quer quatschen! is now our new baby. Because one makes us above all out: we talk simply gladly and much with one another! And we also like to listen to others and have become real podcasts fans. Whether while running or sitting in the train, on the way to work or while cooking, podcasts are fun, entertaining and informative and ever since the Spiegel Podcast absolute must-hears!

podcasts – just a trend?

We listen to each other even if we often disagree!

We don’t think podcasts are just a fashion. Instead, we believe that podcasts are a return to the past. After all, podcasts are what used to be radio broadcasts. Genuine, authentic, entertaining and up-to-date. Of course, voices also play a role, because you want to have something nice to to listen to. Which makes it just right for us! After all, Tanja with her bright, clear voice is rightly represented on RTL Punkt 12 again and again with several of her self-set contributions while I work with my dark timbre as a dubbing artist.

In addition, we are not only visually but also in terms of our preferences, totally different. But in a constructive, positively complementary way! We therefore believe that this friendly, but quite contrary field of tension is meaningful and entertaining as a podcast.

And not just as a short flash in the pan, but in the long run.

our podcast – our Topics

With a light hand and a pointed tongue! We laugh a lot!

Our blog already reflects the range of topics we stand for individually. Of course we often overlap, but what our posts can’t show is what’s going on between the lines in our heads. That will show up quite clearly with Querquatschen! on the other hand. When it comes to beauty topics, we are actually constantly at odds, just as we are when it comes to fitness. And laugh heartily about it!

What’s going on in the world of celebrities, we both get to see up close, of course, so we can tell you about things that might be new to you. But also there our fields of interest are partly far apart.


We don’t mince our words with our podcast, because our friendship can endure honesty fortunately, as the past years have clearly shown.

quer quatschen! – from us for you!

Here we go with Quer quatschen!
Isn’t it pretty? Our podcast microphone!

One thing we can assure you: with us it never gets boring! And we have a lot of friends, who will appear as guests again and again and whom you will surely know from the public.

So there will be exciting and funny talk every other week, every two weeks on Sundays, alternating with our written blog posts. We are looking forward to it and have set up a podcast button for you on our site. And that in the menu bar on the far right under Podcast. Do you see it? So now nothing can go wrong if we start chatting every second Sunday! And hopefully you’ll be there! But it’s in German! If you still want to join please do so under


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