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Pure female power hits the nail on the head, and in the best sense of the word. At this year’s TwoTell Ladiesdinner with a total of 104 (!) women from a wide variety of backgrounds, our hearts opened when we looked into the many happy faces at the Hotel de Rome in Berlin on Sunday, June 30th! Not a race of female competition, on the contrary. It was an evening full of great encounters and conversations with a lot two tell!

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the preparation of our TwoTell LadiesDinner

Our stock before the big day!

We had already started planning months in advance in order to create a varied and memorable setting for our guests. In order to create such an event, we needed certain prerequisites to make everything work. Since our last TwoTell Ladiesdinner the year before was such a great success, we could win partners who supported us. Without the team of Blicke PR but we would have still drowned, because coordinating so many guests and sending out al the Save the Dates, invitations and reminders was a lot even for us power girls. And although we have really great contacts, the support of Together Partners, Reinecke Partner and Agentur Irrlicht was crucial! That we were allowed to da as we pleased at the Hotel de Rome was thanks to the generosity of director Gordon Debus and Saskia Koch, the Assistant Director of  Meetings and Events.

Thank you SO much to all of you for supporting us so strongly!

our shuttle service

Susan Sideropoulos was thrilled when she arrived!

Who doesn’t know it: being picked up and brought home safely makes every appointment something very special. That’s why it was one of the most important points for us, because we both love it so much! For that Uber was the perfect partner.

Our dispatcher Jens Hunger (Mitte) with Adel Far (left) and his Uber -team leader Tolgahan Eroglu.

Our shuttle was coordinated by our invaluable dispatcher Jens Hunger and the chief coordinators of Uber.

Fiona Erdmann was also totally happy with the impeccable Uber service

So our guests were shuttled on time, comfortable, safe and very stylish to the Hotel de Rome, where our TwoTell Ladies Dinner took place again. And of course we were brought home safely.

Of course we couldn’t send more than 100 cars, but that was part of the concept. We had them picked up in small groups, which already created great conversations during the trip and created a lively atmosphere!

The Location

The carpets of Object Carpet are 100% sustainable and very beautiful!
We filled the Desiary vases with numerous flowers!

The wonderfully located luxury hotel Hotel de Rome at the famous Bebelplatz in Berlin Mitte offered everything that was important to us. Here we were not only able to accommodate extra guests.  We were allowed to refurnish the beautiful Opera Court  with the 100% sustainable carpets of  Object Carpet and  the decorative pieces of Desiary to create our individual TwoTell oasis.

Tina Ruland enjoyed a hand peeling of Hello Body.

There we created corners where our ladies could be pampered.


the beautylounge at the opera court
we loved to Zombie the Tantalum Legends rings with our dressed from Luisa Cerano!
Tanja in peace before the storm!
The Ästhetik Berlin team was looking forwards to our guests.

In addition, in a room that the Hotel de Rome had made available to us in addition,  Ästhetik Berlin offered a beauty special. The ladies loved it and so did we! As well as the possibility to be made up and styled by our Nane Beauty Team, thanks to the active support of Betty von Amrhein.

A lot going on at the beauty lounge!
Sonja Kirchberger enjoyed the beauty program.







Afterwards we went to the roof terrace to enjoy some cool drinks in the summer heat!

The champagne reception on the rooftop terrace

As the weather was fortunate, our cosy seating areas were were shown to their advantage, which we decorated with the great outdoor carpets and beanbags from Raumblick.

The beanbags and outdoor carpets from Raumblick invited to linger.
Heat, champagne and a great atmosphere at the champagne reception on the rooftop terrace.

It was important to us to create corners where people could chat in peace and quiet, and it worked! And the view over the city at our Perrier Jouet Champagne reception from the rooftop terrace was sensational!


Here the Luisa Cerano dresses which we and other guests were wearing were particularly effective, we found!

The dinner at the antique ball room
The fantastic view from the roof terrace of the Hotel de Rome!
Everything ready for dinner, framed by bamboo from the plant centre Martin & Michel!

The 400 square meter large antique hall was then finally the coronation, because here the set dinner took place at two long tables. Through 6m high bamboos from the Pflanzencenter Martin und Michel and the stylish furniture collection of Sofacompany we were able to design the hall according to our ideas.  Also the goodibags by Abury looked really pretty here. We had filled them with products of our partners so that our guests could some nice memories home.

We love the great furniture and carpets from Sofa Company!
Caroline Beil was happy about her Ipanemas with her name on them.

We especially liked the small backpacks that we hung over the backs of the chairs, with the personalized bath slippers Ipanema. An effort that was worth it, because the ladies were thrilled!

our goodiebags

Claudia Wenzel with her goodie bag from Abury and the Svenja Walberg products!

Our Goodiebags are already legendary! No wonder, we always put everything in there that we personally find great.

Vera Int-Veen and Andrea Phlewig will mix their gin drinks with Siegfried gin in the future.

Our guests were so delighted about the beauty products of Hello Body and Dr. Grandel, the Make-up of NuSkin, the beauty roller and lash serum by Svenja Walberg and the shampoo by New Flag! Our guests realized that we had put a great deal of thought and effort into it so that everyone could take home some special and beautiful memories.

The Meise Twins loved ithe ginger shots by Berlin Shotmanufaktur!


Miyabi Kawai fcelebrated Ruth Moschner’s book “Total Detox”.
Andrea Bury from Abruf and us with her stylish handbags.






Victoria Jancke had an instant crush on her Blue and True chain!

be it the beautiful candle holders by Desiary, the pretty bracelets by Juwelenkind or the hand made Hains for mobile phones by blue and true. we love to use all of that as well! As well as the motivating book “Total Detox – was Sie schon immer mal loswerden wollten” by Ruth Moschner!

We had already tested the spice from Spicebar and found it delicious!

Because we don’t just love Ruth’s tips, we both love to cook as well, so the delicious spices of Spicebar fit perfectly! The same goes for the Gin by Siegfried with or without alcohol. And since we both work with our voices which was also true for all the ladies of the dinner, the GeloRevoice tablets were the icing on the cake, so to speak.


Unsere Gäste feierten uns, sich und den Abend!

I’m sure you already know, after all, the pictures speak for themselves! The atmosphere couldn’t have been better!

Gitta Saxx beamed because of the beautiful Dr. Grandel products!!

Our guest laughed, talked and networked the whole evening through. The ladies were so happy to finally find time in peace to exchange ideas, because at most events there is simply no opportunity to do do.

That is why we take special care to implement this framework, because after all we want such an atmosphere even when we are invited.

dismantling our twotell ladiesdinner

We tied up the bamboo  for transport.
Hooray, we did it! What a night!

After all the ladies had returned home shortly after midnight thanks to Uber or slept in the Hotel de Rome, we joined forces to start the dismantling. The bamboo was tied up, the furniture wrapped in foil and the carpets rolled up. Here, too, women’s power was pure, because our joint management helped!

We finally finished everything at half past three and drove home exhausted but happy!

Female power pure and simple!




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