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The moms among you know that dilemma: there is almost no time left for oneself not to mention time to work out. But I discovered a great gym: the playground. It’s great because I am often there with my kids anyway and it’s for free. Of course I don’t have a planned through playground workout but I am geting out of breath and then I feel great afterwards. Just because I got some exercise for my body. Unfortunately we don’t get a bikini body by digging in a sandbox!

My playground workout

If there are not too many people around I love to start with jumping jacks. My daughter Mina finds it funny when “Mum bounces around”! Then I am ready for a bit more action on the playground. Let me introduce a couple of exercises. And remember: tug your belly in to activate your pelvic floor:


JUMPed lunges

Using a low wall or a solidyl installed playground piece will make your cardiovascular circuit hum. Repeat 20 times per leg.

Jump on a bank alternately









Place both legs on a swing and get into the push-ups position. Your butt is in line with your shoulders. Pull your knees towards your chest then. If you train at home with a TRX cord you might know that exercise.

6 repetitions.

First take a horizontal position then bend your knees







knee pull-ups at the bar

Grab the bar shoulder wide and hang on to it. Then tuck your belly in and pull up your knees slowly up to your chest and down again. 5 repetitions.

Not always easy but effective

Triceps dips 

Great against flabby arms!

Place your hands at the edge, your legs are straight. Now bend your arms and go all the way down. 3 x 12 repetitions. 

seesaw-Balance at the playground workout

Stand in the middle of the seesaw and and level it horizontally. Lower each side alternately left or right. This exercise strengthens your thighs and your butt and is a great finish! It’s important to think about your powerhouse (strain your tummy muscles)!

I often have sore muscles afterwards

IThere are times when I don’t have the time for al the exercises but I always feel better after my playground workout. Of course I also rampage with my kids afterwards! They definitely have a better condition. But at least working out like that is child’s play for me too.



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