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Pink love! We cannot ignore this color for very much longer. Be it from head to toe or as an add on. Pink is the mother of all flashy colors. It was played to the gallery on all fashion shows! Luv it! And don’t worry: that doesn’t mean Barbie is near! I have combined looks that are compatible for a daily use in my favorite store Showroom Berlin.

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Feminine in a pink lace dress

If you consider a few styling rules you will definitely  blossom fashion wise:I added delicate jewelry (the ring is from the house brand Showroom Berlin) to this lace dress by Marc Cain and decent make-up.

pink lace dress
Just one ring

My tip: if you decide to choose a pink look from head to toe it is better to pass up too tight or short skirts as that might look cheap due to the bright color. The breezy lace dress and the adjacent sling pumps complete the feminine look..

PINK Office-Chic: sporty and cool

Of course you can wear the skirt and the jacket separately as well. But I decided to combine them with sneakers by Kennel & Schmenger  and the white blouse with a stand-up collar by Marc Cain.I loved that style and would definitely wear it while working at the office. .

Sporty combination with blouse and sneakers
white blouse with stand up collar

My tip: Pink love can quickly look elderly therefore it is best to chose cool and easy designs and fabrics. The pink jacket and the straight skirts look even more sporty due to the sneakers and the blouse.

Casual PINK look for a daily use

I love oversized sweaters, like this one by Marc Cain. Plus it covers up Ures you don’t want to be seen. These leggings by Marc Cain perfectly fit this sporty style which is comfy and perfect to move around with.

Oversize – love it!
Casual look

My tip: If you need to work yourself around the pink passion such as a sweater and combine it with denims, leggings or anything you feel comfortable with..

Pink as an Eye-catcher

Clashing with a style can be true eye-catchers if you wear such a bawdy leather jacket by SET or sporty sneakers by Kennel & Schmenger and automatically take center due to the flashy color.

Bawdy leather
Pink is the trump

My tipp: If you are not into flashy colors you might use grey or black as a base which brings out pink perfectly!

Due to pink love fashion will definitely not get boring during spring and summer! I immediately fell in love with the looks I found at Showroom Berlin .

Standing up for pink love even with being over 40 doesn’t make us look like little girls but simply fresher and pretty in pink.


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