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We initiated our first mutual TwoTell ladies dinner as a kick-off of this summer’s Berlin Fashionweek. Business ladies, influencers, actresses, television hostesses, and pr professionals which we all knew well personally were gathered at one table. And experienced true girls power. With no bitchiness whatsoever!

*advert due to product and location placement*

our Twotell Ladies dinner – the concept

View from the rooftop terrace of the Hotel de Rome

We implemented each  and every element that we would have wished for when we would be guests at such an event somewhere.

Therefore we had a beauty lounge, a shuttle service for each guest and a champagne reception. And finally dinner where no press team was allowed anymore. And of course it had to take place at a top location!


Great atmosphere on the rooftop at the champagne reception
Happy to tell more about our concept!

The ladies dinner had a certain history (Annabelle has been initiating it since 2012) and so we were able to gain phantastic partners.

The Hotel de Rome, THE luxury hotel with a wonderful view in the middle of Berlin was one of them!

And together with the limousine service partner Blacklane it made a perfect set-up for our dinner!

Blacklane limousines for our guests!
A happy trio: Gitta Saxx, Marie Amière and Xenia Seeberg

Without certain strong partners such a project with round about 80 guests wouldn’t have taken place!

Eventually we are only two people and organized everything on our own.

Katy Karrenbauer and Caroline Beil enjoyed the reception

Our concept was to the point.

The evening was a huge success with pure girls power!

the beauty lounge

Beauty lounge as meeting point!

Our beauty lounge was supposed to be more then just a place to get your hair and make-up done.

We wanted our ladies to enjoy the stay, to mingle and to getting to know each other a bit better already.

Ice cold Perrier Jouet champagne for our guests

The Hotel de Rome provided us with the 170 sqm Opera Court with its cozy couches and chairs and beautiful interior design

Sabine Bartels, Fernanda Brandao and Regina Halmich having a chat

Perfect for our main beauty partners KISS for make-up and Dyson Hair for hair! The press was allowed and added a special touch.

Susan Sideropoulos relaxed while getting her hair done!
Dyson devices!

While the make-up team of KISS and the hairdresser team of Shan Rahimkhan Berlin for Dyson Hair pampered our ladies one after the other.

Coffee specialties by Wolfgang Umla

The rest enjoyed what else there was to explore inside the beauty lounge.

Angela Finger-Erben at the hearing test by Widex
Xenia Seeberg giving an interview

Widex for instance had installed a hearing test station which fascinated our guests!


We were SO happy about our guests!


Dermelast could present their anti aging from within collagen powder and our fashion partner Luisa Cerano -whose dresses we were wearing – showed parts of its new collection.

On top everything was decorated with loads of lush flowers in beautiful vases by desiary.

our goodie bags

Leslie Huhn among the goodie bags

And finally – after the beauty lounge and the champagne reception – we went into the beautiful restaurant of the Hotel de Rome where we had prepared the tables for our guests.

Joyful about their goodie bags! Eva Imhof, Angela Finger-Erben, Natascha Wittmann, Annett Möller, Katrin Wrobel and Kerstin Linnartz

And as we are true goodie bags junkies we took extra good care of those of course!

It was our aim that each guest not only had great memories in their hearts but also in their hands when they went home!

Author Miyabi Kawai and Rebecca Immanuel with Myabi’s bestseller!
Bettina Cramer and her KISS set!






Therefore we had ordered special canvas bags for our dinner and had filled them for hours to have them ready for our ladies. Which they really appreciated!

our partners

Britta Steffen is showing off her drinking bottle by Luisa Cerano
Sooo much inside!!
Our 50 x 40 cm  goodie bags!

For each lady to know what’s inside the goodie bag we used our welcoming speech to thank our partners and introduce the products..

Annett Möller loved her shopping rucksack!

BAUR provided a fun shopping rucksack (printed with “get out of the way, I need to shop!”). Perfect for the girls!


From now on a part of Fernanda Brandao’s personal beauty programme!


Fernanda is thrilled by the beauty products

SilkN added state-of-the-art hair removing devices and Dalton Marine Cosmetics filled the goodie bags with prime skin care products. And of course the anti age powder by  Dermelast was part of it as well!

Petra van Bremen already knows the right spot for her tea candle holder
Alexandra Polzin is looking forward to growing longer eye lashes!

Delicate tea candle holders by desiary made our ladies eyes shine as well as Svenja Walbergs eye lashes serum Lash Cocaine (!), the precious silk scarves by Eagle Products and the exclusive It- gin by Ginsanity. 

Sonja Kirchberger and Simone Thomalla smelled their perfumes

Be Marvelous surprised our guests with personalized perfumes. The new Curvy Magazine, Myabi Kawai’s bestseller “find your own style” and t-shirts by Lookabe were part of it as well. These we had printed with “I got a great story to tell”! 

Sonja got a great story to tell!





As we hoped of course that our guests would do exactly that about this special evening. 

pure girls power!

Radiant Meise-twins

But actually we weren’t worried about that! The atmosphere was simply too good. Everyone was chatting, laughing and net working: pure girls power!

Relaxed atmosphere with laughing guests!

Were SO happy that each and every guest was having a good time and felt at ease. And that they got back home safely after the delicious food at the Hotel de Rome with the sympathetic drivers of the Blacklane fleet.

The adorable Julia Malik.
Color-blocking with Viktoria Jancke!

So next year we’ll definitely host our TwoTell Ladies dinner again!!

*advert due to product and location placement*

photographers: Franziska Krug, Dr.Isa Foltin, Eva Oertwig and Julia Baumgart


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