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I think there’s nothing more annoying than constantly shaving the hairs on your body. Especially now in the summer time! Annabelle and I started a hair self-test at M1 Laser a few months ago: hair removal with a diode laser. How well this works for both of us, how many sessions we have had and how it works…. read for yourself!

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Preparation for hair removal with diode laser

The protection glasses are a must have!

Annabelle and I are very different types. Annabelle as a dark type has dark, firm hair, while I as a light-skinned type have a medium blond down. In winter we started with our first sessions and now in summer we are hair-free in the bikini line. After an intensive consultation in the M1 studio we started our treatment. Please note: the skin areas must be shaved well beforehand!

For protection against laser rays we put on special glasses. By the way, the diode laser works with a wavelength-mix technology, which means: all skin types can be treated with it.


And it is a very gentle method. After disinfection, an ultrasound gel is applied so that the laser head glides better.

Treatment – this is how a session works

In the 10-minute session, the laser glides over the freshly shaved skin areas.

The hair root sits deep underneath the skin and is sclerosed by the laser.

It flashes when the laser hits a hair root, making it desolate. And yes, that also hurts a bit. I don’t want to come up with the old saying “If you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer”.

After all, the device also has a skin cooling function, which reduces the sensation of pain. I think it is real to endure for a short time. The laser hits the root, which sits deep underneath the skin.


If it is destroyed, no hair will grow back. A maximum of 20% of all roots are hit per session.


The aim is to have hit 80% of all hair roots with the M1 diode laser at the end of the treatment period.

Care during the treatment period

By the way, it takes 10-14 days until the hairs of the destroyed roots fall out.

Care is important for hair removal with a diode laser


During the entire hair removal treatment with a diode laser the laser zones should not be exposed to any sun and should be treated with good UV protection.

After each treatment, direct sunlight should be avoided for another month.




Because now we are particularly susceptible to pigment disorders.

Treatment rhythm and prices

There are about 6 weeks between the treatments of hair removal with a diode laser.

It’s not a wellness treatment, but it’s endurable.

Immediately after the first treatment I noticed that the number of hairs was decreasing, with Annabelle that was the case after the 2nd session. Depending on your skin type, you will need at least 6-8 sessions to remove the hair permanently.

The hair itself has 3 phases: Growth, transition and rest phase. The laser can only destroy the hair in the growth phase.



Therefore, several treatments are always necessary for a lasting result. The laser treatment of the bikini line costs 45 Euro per session at M1 Laser – a fair price, as we find.

Myths about laser treatments

If you google this topic, you will come across many myths that I would like to clear up here.

If you have any questions, the laser experts of M1 like here advise Selin, always happy to help

No scars remain, because the laser only hits the hair root and not the skin directly. Therefore it is also nonsense that the laser would attack internal organs.

After the treatment we noticed a slight reddening of the skin, but this was gone after a short time.

By the way, white and grey hair unfortunately cannot be treated because the melanin, the colouring agent of the hair, is missing.




The laser doesn’t recognize the hair root then.

Our conclusion to the self-test hair removal with diode laser

We have both now 5 or 6 sessions behind us and with me (Tanja) the treatment is nearly finished, since hardly hairs grow again.

Hairless start into the summer – simply great!

With Annabelle it’s similar and so we are totally happy to have taken this step. In contrast to the IPL method (Intense Pulse Light) the diode laser works more focused.

Therefore we would always recommend this laser. It is so much better quality of life not to have to pull out the razor all the time. To that we say bye, bye – just like to the annoying hairs!


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