I know Croatia quite well through various holidays, but I have never traveled in this constellation before: Tina Ruland with her two sons and I with my two children travelled together to the adriatic coast. Whether boat tour, old town of Zadar or “The Monster”, largest water bouncy castle of the world – we have a lot “two tell” about this girlfriend vacation with children in Croatia.

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Our holiday destination – Punta Skala, there lies the fantastic Falkensteiner Hotel Iadera.

Our meeting point for our girlfriend vacation with children was called “Punta Skala”, a coastal peak near Zadar. Tina (52) had already arrived a few days earlier by plane, while I drove by car and made a great stop in Ljubjana/Slovenia. No matter how – Croatia is very easy to travel. We especially liked one thing: the child friendliness! In Germany we are not used to that.

Since my husband still had to work, he came later and so we had real girlfriend days with kids who were just great.


Zadar Region

The region around Zadar is perfect to experience a lot. But you don’t necessarily have to move around to see much. The 3000 year old city is the capital of the Dalmatian region. By the way, the old Winnetou films were shot here and with a view to the beautiful landscape it is immediately clear why!

Fantastic landscape: Plitvice Lakes

A day trip to the Plitvice Lakes is a real must-have for everyone.

Comfortable walking over the footbridges

In the 295 square kilometre national park in the centre of the country, there are 16 lakes arranged in cascades. These are connected by waterfalls. The great thing is that there are wooden paths to walk along. This is also easy for children to manage!

But also the Krka waterfalls in the south of Croatia are a great natural spectacle.

Zadar’s historic old town

We loved to stroll through the historic old town of Zadar in the evening, which was a fortified town until 1873.

On a discovery tour in Zadar

There are not many remnants from that time, great preserved city gates, churches and squares. Very impressive is the sea organ at the harbour, which sounds at high tide.


We had it just perfect at the Falkensteiner Hotel Iadera.

Friend’s time in the pool…

Because the elegant hotel at the Punta Skala is located directly at the sea, has great pools and a huge wellness area. One of us always took care of the children, while the other could relax in the hammam or sauna.

Or like this: sporty at aquafitness on the board

One thing we both discovered together: Aquafitness on a board. That was very exhausting, but very effective. By the way, right next to our hotel was the Falkensteiner Diadora, a family hotel with a miniclub and children’s animation, which we were lucky to be able to use. So  this was a perfect matching constellation for us all.


Highlights of our Girlfriend vacation with children

But we didn’t just lounge around, we also discovered a lot, for example “The Monster“, the largest water bouncy castle in the world, which was built right in front of us.

Gigantically: The Monster from a bird’s eye view

You can imagine that our children didn’t want to leave that anymore.

Head for dreamlike bays – only possible by boat, like here

What I highly recommend to everyone: rent a boat and chug around the countless small islands. Or take a guided boat tour (we did that). Croatia has such great little bays, which can only be reached by boat.


The adriatic Sea is super clean, the water partly as clear as in the Caribbean.

Dreamlike Adria: we were swimming and snorkelling

Even I enjoyed swimming in the warm, clean water as I am usually freezing.

Picturesque fishing village Petrcane, near Zadar

Last but not least, it is sometimes the small spots such as the fishing villages that radiate pure romance and where you can often eat fish cheaply and very well.

Culinary highlights as here in the restaurant Bracera with great Mediterranean cuisine

Try a croatian Malvazija (white wine) – delicious and holiday feeling pure.


Croatia was a really eventful, but nevertheless relaxing time for us. I think the country and the people are very relaxed.



Tinas last words

  • What did you like most about our friends holiday with children in Croatia?                                       “I am someone who also likes to travel with good friends, of course always under the premise that you have similar expectations of a holiday.

    Fun with minigolf with our children: the course offers fun & sports facilities for young and old.

When this coincides, it is important for a shared relaxed experience that no one is bored or feels they are missing something. Croatia, Punta Skala and the Falkensteiner Hotel Iadera were the perfect surroundings, so that every day was something special: relaxing, sporty, exciting, simply beautiful. Such a holiday can only be recommended to all friends, families, mothers etc..

I felt so comfortable that I already have a few new ideas and goals in mind for us. And if we don’t come back, then we are still there.



Pictures: Filip Brala

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