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Kult Drag queen Olivia Jones has been earning her money for many years with her legendary guided tour through districts in Hamburg! New is now the sightseeing program in Berlin. Of course not only currywurst and hearty jokes were part of it but true wisdom as well. We took part at the premier district tour and have experienced and learned a lot!

Olivia Jones and her celebrities

Olivia Jones with the so called . “carpet slut” and Micaela Schäfer

The start was at the Zoo train station and of course Olivia hadn’t only invited the press but also some of her friends that are known through tv shows such as RTL- jungle camp: designer Julian F.M. Stöckel, porn – model Micaela Schäfer or also  TV-Star Barbara Engel. It felt a bit like being part at a school trip when we waited for the Berlin district tour to start.

Wonderful tour guides: Olivia Jones & Gloria Glamour

We’ve known Olivia Jones for ages and we love her humor and her outfits of course – shrillness at its best.

But hold on: by her side was Gloria Glamour . A good friend of Olivia and real Berlin-connoisseur. Together they form a highly visible team that lead the guided tour.

Berlin district tour with true revelations

Annabelle only eats the french fries of course, Barbara Engels loves Currywurst.

First stop: eat a currywurst essen which simply belogt to Germany’s capital. Then we continued to the Gedächtniskirche.

Gloria & Olivia in front of the Gedächtniskirche

The adjacent buildings are alles “powder box” and “lipstick” because of their shape explained Gloria. Accompanied with many „Ahhs“ and Ohs“ we took off again and walked by the hair dressing salon of Udo Walz the legendary Cafe Kranzler.

And casually Olivia revealed some “dark” secrets about her first experineces with wearing high heels in Berlin up to unmoral offers. Olivia Jones: „At the night club Vagabund a woman had offered me money for the first and last time in my life to have sex with me. 800 Mark. I had declined as I am not a lesbian.“

celebrity – opinions about the Tour

hurdy-gurdy music at the Hotel Bristol

Gloria Glamour had really made her homework. While we were listening to a typical hurdy-gurdist we heard some historical facts.

Julian F.M. Stöckel giving an interview while Michaela Schäfer is eavesdropping.

Nudibranch Micaela (at this day she was almost fully dressed which is most unusual): „I have been living in Berlin for 33 years and I know my way around. But I didn’t know that much about the background. Something like the district tour was missing so I can truly recommend it.“ Capital inhabitant Julian F.M. Stöckel even wants to do the guided tour again with some of his friends.

our conclusion

The subdivision within our tour guides is obvious.

In the sunset with red lips

The  multi-funktional-transvestite as Olivia calls herself brings in jokes and the fun atmosphere whereas Gloria adds the hard facts. We loved that mixture of strolling, partying, and education

Olivias colorful troops at the district tour on  Ku’damm

You can out about the appointments and tickets for Olivia Jones cult district tour together with Gloria Glamour on

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