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The MiraDry treatment was invented in the U.S. – of course. It is the only officially licensed  non-invasise method to reduce underarm perspiration – with the side effect to reduce underarm hair growth – after only one treatment. Of course we needed to test that!

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miradry partner nearby

Dr.Michael Krueger of the shape and beauty institute in Berlin explains the MiraDry method..

The inventor miramarlabs from the U.S. decides who is allowed to offer the treatment. So it is kind of a franchise system. The license is given to doctors and experts after they underwent a training. Fo MiraDry to be offerd in the first place it was tested and approved by the FDA. The FDA is a the federal  Food and Drugs Administration and therefore responsible for the admission of medicine or medical treatments in the U.S.

In Germany the treatment needed to undergo a drug study, was approved and therefore can be offered here as well. And as only 2 % of our perspiratory glands are found in our armpits our body does not miss them after such a treatment.

So far so good. We found two partners in Berlin and decided on the shape and beauty institute and the competent treatment by  Dr. Michael Krueger.

the treatment

We are looking forward to our MiraDry treatment!

The most important fact is that MiraDry is minimal-invasive and delivers results immediately. A transection is therefore not neccessary. Well, that’s great! The perspiratory glands are treated with systematic energy instead (microwaves) and are destroyed permanently through the heat.

These so alles thermo waves penetrate the necrotic tissues and cause a thermolysis, Dr. Krueger explains to us. Which is short but intensive heat that destroys the persoparory glands including their supply nerves. But that must be so painful if it gets so hot is our concern. Dr. Krueger can put our nerves at ease. At the same time an included cooling system protects the upper dermal layer and therefore limits the heat to the perspiratory glands.  And a local anesthetization provides for a pain free treatment.

MIRADRY step 1
Marked and ready for the treatment!

Dressed only with a tanktop to leave out the armpit area completely we lie down on the treatment lounger.Then Dr. Krueger’s assistant marks the area in the armpits that needs to be treated.

They explain to us that Dr.Krueger – being a specialized aesthetic surgeon – subsequently executes the local anesthetization.

Then his assistant is going to work with the MiraDry hand-held unit across the area to treat the perspiratory glands.

MIRADRY step 2
Tanja just smiles the pain away.

Marking the areas doesn’t take long so finally we can start with the treatment. Now we experience the only painful part: the local anesthetization. For this uses a device which enables him to use multiple syringes which are directly connected with the narcotic substance. The first multiple prick is really painful! But the effect sets in almost immediately so that the pricks following are much less painful. After the complete armpit area is numb the MiraDry hand-held unit is placed step-by-step on the previously marked areas. Each time the skin is sucked in a bit to stabilize the energy supply.

MIRADRY step 3
If one area gets a green check mark, the next one can be treated.

A monitor shows the different areas underneath the arms and when the device needs to move on.In addition a puls monitor is attached to one of our index fingers to show wether or not we tolerate the treatment. From now on things are getting serious.

I don’t feel anything and  am watching the monitor curiously.

Now our perspiratory glands are destroyed including their supply nerves. And as they are incapable to regenerate this treatment is for good and is immediately effective!

You should possibly repeat the treatment after three months but usually that’s not necessary.

As the treatment costs €1.900 that’s a relief!

the side effects of the MIRADRY treatment

Clearly swollen: the armpit area after the treatment.

Well, after all the treatment is not completely pain-free, especially afterwards. After the local  anesthetization wears off the treated areas start to hurt immediately. Therefore we get coolpads for our armpits which we continue using at home. A certain numbness after the  local  anesthetization wears off completely is totally normal.

One week after the treatment. The swelling is almost gone completely and parts are hair free.

And that the armpit areas are swollen for a while is also part of the deal.

But slowly but surely everything got better. Tanja had a bigger swelling underneath her right armpit, me on the contrary underneath my left armpit. we informed each other on a daily basis how things developed and were happy about the results even though it took some patience until everything was healed properly.

I even attended an event at the same day of the Treatment wearing a silk dress. I would have never dared to wear something like that when it was warm fearing Senat stains underneath my arms. This was the ferst time that I didn’t habe any stains even though it was really hot that evening. A whole new feeling for me!

Miradry our conclusion

Tanja is sweat free and very happy about it….
…as am I!

A MiraDry Treatment is not cheap but it is for good which means lifelong! As against conventional Botox treatment. That the hair growth gets reduced as a side effect is awesome on top! Tanja and I are two completely different types and could therefore test that the treatment is convenient for blondes or Europeans in general but also dark skin and hair types like me.

Ever since we enjoy that with the armpit wetness the armpit smell vanished as well so that we can only recommend the treatment. Be it here in Berlin under the direction of Dr. Krueger or elsewhere. Because each institute that offers this treatment had been scrutinized si you are in good hands. Photos: Julia Baumgart Photography.

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