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When I got the invitation to attend the maiden voyage of Mein Schiff 1 I immediately confirmed. Because I was really curious! I am a convinced individual traveller but I wanted to find out why so many people love cruise liners.  As the inauguration took pace in the harbour of Hamburg and we then went just for a two day trip on board I dared to try it out. And was impressed!

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Mein schiff 1 – the dimensions

A cruise ship as big as a house!

Mein Schiff 1 has a capacity of 2900 passengers and a crew of 1000. You need to love these kind of dimensions as you are with all these people on board if the ship is at sea.

Building up for the inauguration

it contains all kind of restaurants, relaxation oases, a casino, different bars,  a huge Theater,  two pools a phantastically equipped fitness area and gym and a shopping mall.

Spots to relax despite thousands of passengers
Small oases everywhere on board

As a passenger you therefore don’t need to leave the ship as you find everything you need on board.

And as it is newly built everything is of top quality.

The furniture is soft and cozy, the cabins small but comfortable and stylish.

Ans surprisingly enough you can find spots top relax and be more on your own everywhere on board despite the thousands of people around you.

working out on board

The spacious gym
View from the gym

For me the fitness area was the most important part on board! It is situated high above the deck and has a phantastic view over the sea.

Here you find everything you can imagine except – funnily enough – jumping ropes.

Top machines, dumb- and kettle bells, mats, TRX equipment, yoga classes, personal training and workout tools that I hadn’t even heard about before!

Running on board!

To train here really is fun! In addition there is a whole gym next door to play basketball, badminton or other sports.

And of course there is spa with a sauna on board, too.

Then there is a 500 m running course outside. Of course I had to run numerous lapses there!

Mein Schiff 1 put a lot of love into the fitness area and you can really feel that!


watching soccer together!

For someone who always prefers individual vacation I was surprised how much I enjoyed this trip. I have to admit though that the fitness possibilities was the most attractive part for me. But for people that love going on  cruise ships this is the right cruise liner to choose! Mein Schiff 1 offers everything you can wish for!


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