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Marcel Ostertag is the only designer who has so far always presented a show at every fashion week in Berlin. For this he not only gets diligence points from us, but also a big THANK YOU, because we just feel great in his outfits. This is due to the mixture of clear lines and elaborate details. At the Fashionweek Berlin, the German fashion designer gave a flaming speech that I won’t forget for a moment. He said what many think, but don’t dare to say. I met him afterwards and, of course, went into it.

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Marcel Ostertag – the Design genius

He has achieved what many young designers dream of. A fashion empire of his own! Whether cooperations like with the shoe brand Tamaris, an own store or fashion shows in New York – Marcel Ostertag is own of the ,most successful German designers.

One of my favorite dresses by Marcel Ostertag

Clever, extremely talented and industrious, he has been tailoring himself up to the top of the German fashion scene since his beginnings in 2006. The native of Berchtesgaden, who now lives in Berlin, produces sustainably and has chosen his very own path.

Flaming speech after the show!

This also means that after every show he addresses a few words to his audience.



This time the award-winning designer gave an impressive speech again.

Annabelle loves to wear Marcel Ostertag’s designs as well!

He appealed for us in Germany to take ourselves more seriously as a fashion country and for the future of fashion to be in our hands.







Also wir als Käufer und die Designer als Macher!

Heroes – the new collection by Marcel Ostertag

The flutter dress experiences a revival with Marcel Ostertag!
We know these from the 80ies: stripes!

He calls the collection for his 25th anniversary of the season Heroes. They are the heroes of his youth likee David Bowie and Grace Jones, which inspired him.  And so the 70s and 80s are omnipresent in his designs. His show at the Westin Grand Hotel d

I admire from the front row and already see myself mentally in some of the looks. I will certainly feel like a heroine in it. Of course I want to know more about these extraordinary designs.

TwoTell: Marcel, apart from the stars of your youth, who are your heroes?

Marcel Ostertag: Today I meet my heroes mainly in everyday life. My mother is a great source of inspiration and heroine for me, as are the people with whom I work closely and spend a lot of time. They inspire me every day and together with me they take the label a step further every season. That’s great.

GERMANY needs to BECOME MORE courageous in fashion

Sophisticated like Grace Jones, but reinterpreted – Heroes Dress
Fashionable and courageous combination

TwoTell: You held a flaming speech after your show. Why should we Germans become more fashionable?

Marcel Ostertag: The Germans are historically anxious, proud of themselves, their economy, their fashion. Pure understatement, but sometimes it’s important to proudly present good values, great designs and achievements. With my label, I particularly stand for German fashion, as my entire collection is designed in Berlin and produced in Brandenburg and Thuringia. Sustainability has always been a matter of course for me. So self-evident that I didn’t even communicate this and the production “Made in Germany” in the first years.

Fashionweek Berlin and its most important message

Laces: it couldn’t be more romantic
Wow effect guaranteed!

TwoTell: You’re the most industrious designer regarding fashionweek, you haven’t missed a single one yet, even though it was said almost dead – why are you always there?

Marcel Ostertag: Because I believe in Berlin as a fashion location. We don’t have to be Paris or London. We’re Berlin and that’s a good thing! I don’t think it’s important to compare yourself with international fashionweeks. The important thing is to work together in Berlin. And the word “COMMON” is the trend-setting word we need to continue to exist. This also means that the Senate and the important speakers in the German fashion industry are broadening their horizons and perhaps supporting labels that can create and maintain international quality. Unfortunately, many lack foresight.

Our contribution to Fashionweek Berlin can be found at here.




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