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Lush colors on the walls? An established trend. Still some people feel shy about strong colors at home. I also used to be afraid that saturated colors would kind of smother a room. And as a consequence I wasn’t going to feel comfortable in such rooms! By now I am a true fan of rich colors. They give me the opportunity to create a warm and comfy surrounding with little effort and means. So go for it!

Petrol, violet and yellow are some of the lush colors in the living room.

First of all I am convinced that lush colors need to correspond with another. When I pan my apartment I see yellow, violet, magenta, petrol and green. And if I open the door to my bathroom turquoise. Our apartment is a loft and therefore has a huge living room with the kitchen and only a tiny separate home office downstairs and the bedroom upstairs. These add up to a comfy and homy atmosphere. And this does not only work for big flats!

Violet on the wall, petrol at the windows and green on the floor.

When I used to live in my 60 sqm apartment back in the days I had painted one walk in the living room in brown as a backdrop for my dark orange couch. I loved that!

But everyone has his or her own taste. Hence we all chose between lighter or strong colors, tapestry or white walls. Concerning fashion and interior design you can combine all kinds of crazy colors.

I am always so happy when I come home! We love the lush colors on the walls and our decoration of travel souvenirs from all kinds of countries. We also have artworks from artists that we know personally or are even related to in our flat. It all complements in a great way! It just needs to be the right mix.

The orange wall goes perfectly with the rest!
Tanja’s dresser faces the orange wall.

You can give a great structure to rooms by using rich colors. Paint long and narrow corridors with a strong color at the end and as a consequence they appear shorter and wider . Or you can freshen up a dark room which doesn’t get that much daylight. In my opinion everything is allowed. At Tanja’s apartment one wall is painted in a wonderful gaudy orange. This color is the perfect backdrop for her characterful furniture.

A good mood color: magenta!

Just close your eyes and phantasize about colors that could match with your interiors and that would pimp your room. At building supplies stores you will get your color mixed and ready to apply. A tip: start with one wall! Painting a whole room in a saturated color might be a bit overpowering.

But no matter how we use lush colors: this is probably the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to change the atmosphere of an apartment completely!


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