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Friends of ours have a holiday home in Lugano with a view on the lake. They have been inviting us for a while and every time I saw pictures of the place I was really taken with it. This summer we finally went. All in all it took us 10 hours to drive there with a stop over night near Bodensee lake. The last part of the way through the so called Heide-country was really pictorial.

Lugano and its lake

Pictorial even if it’s cloudy: Lugano from above.

The small town in Tessin is really cute and dangerously good for shopping tours.

Whoever has been to Switzerland knows that almost everything is really expensive there.

There are stores and cafes around the city hall




Except the view which is really stunning!

Phantastic view!

The panoramic view on the Lugano lake and the mountains is pure eye candy.


The lake reaches all the way to Italy and has a hip city spas right at the shore.



And if you travel with kids you should go on a boat trip!

Up on the mountain

View onto the lake all the way to Milan

The ramified lake is surrounded by mountains which can be climbed comfortably by cable cars.

Up the mountain with a cog railway

We took a cog railway to the Monte San Salvatore.





Reaching the top you need to scale the mountain peak on foot. The combination of mountains and the lake at their feet is simply beautiful.

Beautiful view: Lugano

And therefore a trip is worth it…






…as you have a breathtaking view form the top over the region all the way to Milan.

schedule for rainy days

If it rains there are also enough diversions for the little ones such as the museum for fossils in Monte San Giorgio, 20 minutes away from Lugano. There we plunged into a lost world which existed over 200 million years ago.

Cute streets
On an expedition

By the way, there are such cute villages around Lugano (i.e. Arogno).

For me strolling through narrow streets, sitting down somewhere and experiencing local dishes is a beloved part of my holiday.



My kids totally loved Swissminiature which is an open air facility on 14.000 square metres.

Switzerland in a small format







There you find the most important monuments as miniatures in between tiny railroads, boats and cable cars.

My personal Hot Spot

But my favorite time out was on an airbed in the pool with the probably most beautiful view ever…

My favorite: a dip in the pool

You will find more tips for beautiful trips here!


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