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The name alone was promising: lobster menu. And on top created by chef Florian Lauert at the restaurant Duke in Berlin. We didn’t need to know more to set out again for another visit! Because at the Duke inside of the Ellington Hotel in berlin we are allowed to look over the master’s shoulder. And we get exclusive tips that we love to share with you of course!

*adert due to location placement* unpaid!!

three questions about the lobster menu

the man of the hour: chef Florian Glauert created a delicious lobster menu!
Does it bite? Luckily not but it’s delicious!

1st – First of all we wanted to know what kind of philosophy was behind the four-course-lobster menu that Florian Lauert created. It’s supposed to be fresh and light. Something that you love to enjoy on a hot summer’s day on a terrace somewhere said the chef de cuisine of the  Duke restaurant. 2nd – What kind of lobster does he use for his menu? The so called  high pressure lobster. Long transportation journeys of living lobsters are avoided. They are delivered raw and are instantly ready to be processed. 3rd – What kind of variations are served at the lobster menu? Well, that’s a question of course that needs to be answered in detail!

the starter

Everything nice arranged until Florian Glauert is satisfied
Artful starter!

The starter is a delicious tartar, raw like a Ceviche. In addition a fried lobster claw was part of it as well as marinated ginger, avocado cream, wasabi  mayonnaise, Hoisin soy sauce, Wakame alga salad and edamame beans. Arranged on a bed of sushi rice is this a meal which is light an a combination of wonderful different flavors. A Hawaiian-Japanese fusion kitchen claimed Florian Glauert which can be combined at will. Awesome!

the intermediate course

As a intermediate course we had a lobster bisque which smelled exquisitely! Just like with a good wine we were happy at first just to smell this beautiful creation bevor we dipped our spoon into the creamy bisque. And we knew immediately that

Served from a cast-iron tea pot!
Sheer poetry! The lobster bisque

Florian Glauert  again had shown a sensible knack for it. My oh my was it mouth-watering!War die lecker!

the main dish

Hummer bis zum Abwinken!
Als Hauptspeise Hummer satt!

At the main dish we could really feast on Lobstler!

This time half a lobster met an herb salad and pan fried mushrooms. In addition Florian had ratet a wonderful cocktail sauce to round up that course perfectly. But you can serve lobster in various  combinations! Fried in brown butter for instance or with a cocktail sauce like Florian Glauert but also fruity with mango or melon! The red shell fish is a delicacy no matter how you prepare it. And because lobster grow slowly it also explains the high price.

the dessert

The dessert – an art piece!
Last decorations on the dessert plate

The dessert sounded artful again and it was! Frozen Rosé with a light lemon tarte. Finally decorated with single pomegranate pits. So we didn’t have lobster for dessert but that was unnecessary anyway as the lobster menu at the restaurant Duke inside the Hotel Ellington in Berlin fully fulfills one’s desire for lobster!

lobster menu at the duke  – our conclusion

We will love to visit again!

The lobster menu at the Duke is a complete pamper-programme. To pay € 69 for a four course menu which contains such high class lobster in such a quantity is  perfectly reasonable we think. After all lobster is a delicacy and the preparation means a lot of effort until it lands on our plates. Florian Lauert and his team are looking forward to guests that appreciate that! Just like us! Because that we will come back is out of the question. If you want to try it out as well you can reserve a table by writing to or by calling +49 (0)30 68 315-4000. We wish you a good meal!

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