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Lifting eyelids without surgery? Sounds great! I have to admit that I am a beauty junkie and therefore always willing to try out new methods. When I read in the internet about an eyelid trainer which seems to become a mega trend in Japan I ordered and tested it immediately!

The eyelid trainer looks like plastic glasses but without the glass part. I ordered them at Amazon  for 13 Euro. After two weeks my eyelid trainer was delivered per post from Asia. Petty though that the whole description was in an Asian language! Even though the Asian description contained lots of photos I was happy to find an English description in the internet. It said that I have to train with the eyelid trainer 5 min per day.

The showstopper are tiny plastic hoops which you jam into the lid. Like this you cannot move your eyelids anymore. Hence you are supposed to strengthen your muscles. Because every time you try to blink the tiny muscles contract. It felt quite uncomfortable at first but I got used to it pretty fast. I wore the eyelid trainer every day for 5min over two weeks. I preferred to wear them while watching tv. Anyway, you can always spare 5 min somehow!

Asian description!
The pictures speak for themselves.
The description in a nut shell








Japanese women hope to get European shaped eyes through using the eyelid trainer. Many of them don’t like the their almond shaped eyes and therefore have plastic surgeries to change their looks. At the moment South Korea overtook Brasil concerning plastic surgeries! And the eyelid surgery belongs to the most popular ones!

Plastic “glasses”

Our eyes are suppose to become bigger through using the eyelid Trainer. And it is also supposed to compensate for different eyelids. So if one eyelid starts to sag you are just supposed to use one hoop of the trainer.


The trainer doesn’t bother while watching TV.







After two weeks I had to admit, though, that I couldn’t tell any difference. But maybe that will only happen after a couple of months. So I decided to continue wearing it. And of course I will let you know wether or not this is THE eyelid training discovery for lifting eyelids.


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