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Annoying little hairs on the legs or even worse on the face can be a real nuisance! But now we’ve got rid of them forever. No more plucking, waxing or epilating! In the last 4 months we have tried out a new laser method for hair removal and finally got rid of our annoying hair with this method. And the best thing is: it stays that way, hooray – so summer can come!  Because with the Laser One Institute we had great experts at our side, who with their powerful diode lasers can tackle every hair! You can read here what is behind this process, which is finally suitable for every skin and hair type. With no hairsplitting at all! 😉

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our problem zones

These hairs on my chin were so annoying!
Shaving every day!

To give you as much information as possible, we have decided to laser different areas. I chose the annoying hairs on the chin. There I had two areas with several dark hairs, which I always plucked. But the skin was constantly inflamed and in addition it was simply just annoying. Because even with make-up these areas shimmered greyish through.

Tanja on the other hand wanted to get rid of the hair on her legs because the constant shaving cost her too much time as a super busy working-mum.

the procedure of laser one

The SOPRANO ICE by Alma Lasers

So we inquired about different possibilities concerning hair removal and ended up at the Laser One Institute. There the Soprano ICE diode laser is used, which is currently regarded as the most modern and effective laser device.  I had even won awards such as the Aesthetic Industry Award in 2016 for “Best Laser Device for Hair Removal”. In order to prevent unpleasant burns, the laser cools in parallel as it shoots its lightning bolts into the skin to absorb the pigment of the hair to its root, i.e. to obliterate it. In this way, the laser cuts off the nutrient supply to the hair and it falls out.

First, the skin is cleaned and dried to make sure that the laser can recognize the hair follicles well.

A transparent gel is then applied to the areas to be treated. The gel allows the device to glide gently over the skin.

Let’s go ! Tanjas and Maria’s eyes are protected thanks to dark glasses.

Since the laser has several configurations and attachments available, it can be adjusted for different hair and skin types. For Tanja’s light hair and skin type, for example, the wavelength of the laser is much lower than in my case. For her the ALEX laser comes in. The laser only emits wavelengths that can be absorbed by the melanin of the light skin.

Opaque glasses also for me!

For my darker skin and hair type the wavelength is correspondingly higher.

In my case the cosmetician for apparative cosmetics Maria from the Laser One Institute uses the YAG laser with a wavelength one and a half times as high as the one for Tanja. In addition there is also the DIODEN-SPEED laser for medium dark European skin types with slightly darker hair. So there is something for everyone!


Before (left) – After (right). The difference is impressive!

As our hairs don’t grow all at once simultaneously the absolute minimum for an effective hair removal is three treatments to catch them all. The hairs that penetrate the surface of the skin are the most developed, but there are also those under the surface of the skin and those that are still in the early stages of development and therefore not visible to the laser.

Tanjas legs before (left) and after three treatments (right)

We have to take this hair cycle into account during hair removal and let it pass for about four to eight weeks between the individual treatments. Depending on the area. In the face four weeks of rest are often enough, in the bikini zone six and on the legs eight. During that time the “killed” hair roots fall out.

For not disturbing that process it is crucial to continue shaving instead of waxing or pulling the hairs out with a tweezer. I had done that after the first treatment and was disappointed how small the difference was! After the second treatment, though, I had done it just like Maria had told me and it had worked.

And now with the third treatment almost everything is gone which makes me really happy! Furthermore Tanja also had great results. A real time saver for her! Apart from that the skin also feels velvety soft, because without any hair there are no scratchy stubbles.

Hair removal – our conclusion

Stylish and cosy: the treatment rooms.

So in summary, this may sound like too direct an advertisement now, but you know what? It’s just that we’re super happy with the results! I will definitely treat other areas, even if it’s a financial investment.

Because between € 39 and € 169 cost individual treatments, depending on the area.

The entrance to the LaserOne Institute in Berlin-Charlottenburg

And since you need at least three treatments, it can be quite expensive! But on the other hand the prices decrease from the first treatment. And when I consider how expensive good shavers are and what that means in terms of time and nerve and on top avoiding inflamed skin I am super glad that this possibility exists. Just like Tanja. If you would like to try it out, then you can make an appointment with greetings to Maria!

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