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The restaurant La Banca is part of the Roccoforte Hotel de Rome in Berlin. That’s were our first mutual TwoTell Ladiesdinner had takn place inthe summer. Ever since we knew that a recommendation of the restaurant needed to take place! Therefore we chose Tanja’s birthday to go into detail concernng the food. A visit is absolutly worth it! Keep on reading to understand why!

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the atmosphere

Stylish and yet cozy: the La Banca inside the Hotel de Rome

The La Banca is as stylish as the rest of the Hotel de Rome and equally cozy. Soft chairs invite to stay, the light is dimmed and the staff super nice and professional.

Be it with lots of people such as our Ladiesdinner, just with the two of us – which we ofted did in the summer several times – or with a couple of girls – we always felt at home at the La Banca.




Inside as well as outside during the summer in the beautiful yard.

the dishes at the la banca

the starters
A choice of delicacies! The starters at the La Banca.

As we were six girls that evening we could try out a lot and ate our way  through the exquisite menu!

To get a good taste of the starters we ordered the big Antipasti to share which you should definitely do as well. Then you will get an impressions of everything they offer, which is great!

Burrata cheese with escarcole, pine nuts and black olives. Salmon, sea bass and tuna tartar. Beef carpaccio, rocket salad and Gran Padano. .

Each dish is decorated with care.

Salmon, sea bass and tuna tartar. Beef carpaccio, rocket salad and Gran Padano. Salmon filet with fennel orange salad on mashed potatoes and cauliflower with caper hollandaise. Red, white and green asparagus salad with avocado, mozarella, tomatoes, palm hearts, fresh coriander and basil.

Each and every starter was on point at the La Banca and arranged with care.

the main dishes
Linguini with Lobster. Delicious!
The most tender meat! Saltimbocca for gourmets.

Again the kitchen didn’t dissappoint us. On the contrary!

We were instantly in awe when we first tried our linguini with lobster.

Equally tasteful was the ravioli with mint and parmesan chees, the tuna steak or the sea bass in salt crust.


Each dish was absolutely delicious. And the side dishes didn’t rank behind as they were as mouth-watering as the rest of the food.

Perfect pasta: Ravioli with mint

The choice of wines is equally exquisite. With our meal we drank an excellent Sauvignon Blanc. Dolce Vita in perfection!

Tuna steak in perfection!

Our waiter was by our side and in a charming good mood but oin the same sude so discreet that it felt like magic!





Still the La Banca is not stuck up and has a wonderfully authentic kitchen exquisitely harmonious.

the desserts
Choice of cheese!
Sweet delicacies!

We ended like we had started and simply ordered a taste of everything. In addition we crowned the culinaric birthday dinner with a  cheese choice.

The Panna Cotta with citrus fruits, the chestnut rum mousse with meringue and berries and the lukewarm chocolate cake were all wonderful. As were the Tiramisu and the pear au gratin with zabaglione.

Everything at the La Banca was creatively and ambrosially realized by the chef.

the  la banca – our conclusion
Tanjas birthday table at the La Banca!

If you have a special occasion or simply would like to enjoy a treat you should definitely visit this exquisite restaurant. We had nothing left to wish for culinary wise and will come back in any case.

The athmosphere is perfect for a quiet talk but noone has anything to say against loud laughter. Fortunately as we really had fun at our girls table!

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