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Increasing calories consumption playfully? Yes, that’s possible and not only through working out like a maniac. Our body reacts to certain stimulants which we can integrate easily in our day to day life. They help us reduce our fat pads almost along the way.

increasing calories consumption through music

Music stimulates our metabolism!
Music motivates us!

This is almost too good to be true! Listening to music is sometimes enough. Of course not by chilling on the couch at the same time, we need to move at least a bit.

Music stimulates us then subconsciously to work out harder or to jog or welk faster. And music also increases our heart rate so that our calories consumption increases.

Hence: put on your earphones and start with whatever you feel like! Be it muscle training, walking or jogging, music supports and  drives us!

increasing calories consumption through the right timing

The right timing counts!

When we work out also has a lot to do with our job, our family or simply with our habits in general.

Of course it is always great if you find time to do something for your body no matter when but experts have found out that exercise is the most effective between 4 and 7 p.m..

Studies by the Sports Academy of Cologne prove that it is during the time span that our bodily functions go full speed then!

Our body is fully efficient as pulse, blood pressure, breathing rates, muscle power and craft reach the maximum high of the day.

increasing calories consumption playfully

Always a glass of water first!
Take the stairs instead!

But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a workout at all times! To listen to our body signal make a great difference. Our human bodies cannot differentiate under normal circumstances between thirst and hunger. Meaning: sometimes we are only thirsty and not hungry at all. So drink a big glass of water first every time that you feel like eating something and you will see that your hungry feeling might be gone.

Plus: a penny saved is a penny got! Teeter with your calves while brushing your teeth and don’t take elevators from now on instead of stairs. You will realize that these little things also make a change as they push our calories consumption!

And just in case you want to work out more but time to go to the gym simply lacks, you will find a few home exercises of mine right here!


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