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Annett Möller is a popular presenter on German television and she is also our friend. After getting her baby last year she now wants to get back in shape although she already looks great! Therefore we visited Annett for me to show her  an effective home workout. First we concentrated on exercises that strengthen her abs and stabilize her back so that these parts will get strong and tight again.

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Home workout – lower abs 1

I control wether Annett really presses her back into the floor!
Legs are not supposed to be put down but the back is!

The good thing about these exercises is that you can do them wherever you are. But you really need to do them correctly and often! In addition our nutrition is crucial as abs are made in the kitchen. And they are also made by this exercise for the lower abs. Für this exercise Annett needs to lay down on her back without a hollow back.That’s really important! Legs up in the air in a right angle and then Annett needs to lower them controlled to the floor without putting them down or hollowing her back. Up and down 10 times. Four repetitions.

Home workout – lower abs 2

Annett smiles although it’s exhausting!
Don’t lift your feet too high!

For this exercise I placed a water bottle at the end of our mats.

We then prop us up on our hands with our arms in a right angle. You can also lower yourself on your forearms. Keep your torso stabil! Stretch your legs and lift your legs controlled over the bottle without putting your feet down on the floor. Back and forth 10 times. Four repetitions.

Homeworkout – Abscurls

Looks harmless but is really effective!
Annett realizes fast how exhausting this exercise is!

I love this exercise! It’s super easy but as effective as “real” sit-ups. But this exercise goes easy on your back. bend your legs and cross your feet at your ankles. Place your hands right and left on your temples and point your elbows outwards. Then we curl up. This fully strains your tummy muscles as long as you practice this exercise controlled without any extra momentum. 4 x 20 repetitions.

Back stabilisation

Stabiler Stand geht nur mit stabilem Rumpf und der richtigen Position von Armen und Beinen!
Ellbogen und Knie zueinander, Rücken dabei krumm machen

This exercise is a classic. Same as with the other exercises it is crucial to be precise while practicing it.  Prop yourself up on your hands and knees in right angles. Don’t hollow your back but keep your torso strong and firm. Lift your foot and arm diagonally up into the air without hollowing your back and then bring your elbow and knee together. Up again and so on very controlled! 4  x 15 repetitions.


Annett after the Workouts!
Tanja as the babysitter and photographer!

Annett participated fantastically as she is basically fit. But she realized that she needs to start working out properly to really get back in shape. And only by practicing precisely and controlled  her muscles reacted accordingly. This of course led to real exhaustion!

From now on she will include these exercises into her daily routine with her baby daughter which was carried around by Tanja while she took our pictures!





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