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We women are mostly critical and rarely completely satisfied with our hair. Same with me. The hair is also attacked by the permanent colouring of my blonde mane. But the “Sleek look” is just mega hip. According to experts, there is only one method that can permanently straighten hair and is even healthy for the hair: a keratin treatment! Of course I tried that immediately.

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You usually want what you don’t have.

She makes me feel good and my hair is in safe hands: Ayse Auth

I have a rather restless hair structure with vertebrae and light waves. Of course no Victoria Secret waves, but rather “brand unruly”.  My favourite hairdresser, Ayse Auth, who founded the Haarwerk chain in Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt with her sister Hatice, is an ardent fan of Keratin: “It’s like a street renovation. It closes the corners and edges and afterwards everything is as smooth as on the motorway”. And that applies to all cars? In fact, yes! Especially for small hardcore cases like mine with a broken structure due to dyeing and a lot of heat due to blow-drying and iron smoothing. But help is at hand: hair consists mainly of keratin, an elastic protein.





Small keratin amount, but oho!

I was really surprised how easy the whole thing works.

Towel as protection against vapours during drying

After washing, Ayse applied the keratin to me and massaged it from the middle of the hair to the tips.

After a short time she started to blow-dry.


Then the protein miracle product is treated with a straightening iron, so the opened hair pores are closed again. This is the starting signal for a permanent hair straightening with keratin.

Towel as protection

Because of the strong menthol smell, I held a towel in front of my face while drying, otherwise it would have been too sharp.
After the treatment one should leave the hair at rest for at least 72 hours, because the keratin hardens. So no hair bands, rubbers, clasps or anything else. That would stop the process.



Protective layer for the hair thanks to keratin

The keratin has a wonderful instant effect. I walked into the store with broken tips and out again after 2 hours with a dream mane. A real miracle – thanks to Ayse! And keratin of course! The whole thing also has its price, which – depending on the hair length – starts at 250 Euro. The hair protection lasts however also 3 to 6 months. And a session like this is worth it. Because beside the fountain of youth and the smoothing for the hair, the keratin treatment has a great side effect. Who then pulls like me at home still from time to time additionally with the iron the hair “sleek”, notices: that goes much faster than in former times.



One who understands my hair…

The keratin gives the hair structure a second spring. It is ideal to let the hair grow. I recommend the Keratin treatment only for professionals like Haarwerk. Because before I risk a permanent “bad hair day”, I prefer to buy 2 clothes less and am happy with my mane. After all, I always carry them around with me.

Before and after effect – very convincing, I think…

This credo comes from Ayse and makes absolute sense in my eyes.

I’ve already written here about tannin, another hair straightening method.


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