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Probably each one of us has a grey sweatshirt in her closet. And there are numerous fashion tips that describe in detail how to pimp a certain piece of clothing. But instead of leafing through fashion magazines we wanted to try it out ourselves. And were surprised how flexibel such a grey sweatshirt can be!

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Grey sweatshirt – sporty


Of course it is fairly easy to combine a grey sweatshirt in a sporty way! Black leggings and boots always go with it. This simple combination is not only uncomplicated but also extremely practical. But then it is crucial to add an eye-catcher such as an accessory that stands out through its color. A flashy scarf for example!

Grey is wonderfully neutral so that everything is allowed as a color ad on as you can see. The pink scarf is perfekt to pimp up this grey fiedme sweatshirt.

Grey sweatshirt – stylish

Schoolgirl look!

Grey and neon fit perfectly together. A collar in neon yellow turns a grey sweatshirt in a schoolgirl which can be combined with a colorful culotte and low shoes.

Hier passen die Schnürsenkel zum Kragen! So eine Kombination ist schick genug für’s Büro und andere Termine und dank der flachen Schuhe für einen langen Tag geeignet.

Grey sweatshirt – elegant

Elegantly combined

You can also combine a grey sweatshirt totally out of the box! Such a pencil skirt is always elegant for example and is a great contrast.

Add a belt around your waist otherwise this look might be a bit bulky.

Wear this look with pumps or high heel sandals and your are perfectly styled also for the evening.

Grey sweatshirt – glamorous

Glittering with sequins

Adding sequins is always a guarantee for a looker. Therefore we wouldn’t want to miss them on our  styling combinations. And be it just on the shoes!

Here they glitter together with the sequin stripes on the leather shorts and give the sportle style a glamorous touch.

Try it out! We really had fun with it and it made our closet ich more thrilling suddenly!



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