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Golden Phoenix? So it rose from the ashes? That’s not the fact with the restaurant in the Hotel Provocateur in West Berlin, but since gold is automatically associated with quality and luxury, the name still fits. We spent such an enjoyable evening there with its Chinese and French cuisine that we absolutely recommend this restaurant to you!

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the foreplay

We are curious to find out more…

That’s really on the menu! Where the usual aperitif would be that is. It sounds like an erotic-culinary adventure, so we are happy to get involved.

Because even if we skip the foreplay and get straight to the point, the menu composition is extremely sophisticated!


Here China and France cuisine merge under the skilled hands of probably the coolest chef in Berlin: The Doc Ngo.

Chef The Doc Ngo

The Doc Ngo is half Chinese and half Vietnamese, came to Berlin as a refugee child at the age of 6, worked as a teenager for McDonalds, then studied Japanology in Berlin and finally cooked his way from sous-chef to it-chef.



He now runs eleven restaurants in Berlin and Frankfurt am Main and employs around 100 people.

Waiting to be filled…

And each one of his restaurants is a hit! No wonder. The Doc Ngo cooks his family’s traditional dishes, but makes them even better, he says. And he’s right!




Of course, we don’t know what his family’s dishes taste like, but what he conjures at the  Golden Phoenix  results in golden moments of enjoyment.

the menu at the golden phoenix

Colorful and diverse: the food at the Golden Phoenix
You DEFINITELY need to try the Dragon Prawns!

The menu is extremely versatile and still not overloaded. Important, as it gives us direct confidence that every dish has a justification and is not just a variant of something already on the menu.



In order to get a good overall impression, we opt for the four-course menu.

Going on a journey…

For € 69 the guest is guided through 15 dishes. Or better still, seduced! Admittedly a proud price, but you can also decide to take the menu only once and otherwise choose individual dishes.



In any case, trying it is a guarantee for a delicious journey through the Franco-Chinese cuisine of  The Doc Ngo.

the starters
Starting with the yummy starters!

Scallops, minced pork, Dim Sums, Won Tons and breaded prawns sound almost unspectacular at first sight! But when we take a second look at the herbs and spices that go with them, the water runs into our mouths, because exactly the opposite is the case.



Due to the preparation with chilli oil and coriander or ginger and honey and other exotic and non-exotic spices we can only say after tasting it: delicious!

Chic and cozy: the interior of the Golden Phoenix

Which doesn’t nearly describe how tasty it really is!


In addition, the atmosphere is incredibly cosy, as you sit in round, thickly upholstered seating niches or at small tables




The light is beautifully dimmed  which not only gives the food a delicate glow, but also us. Wonderful!

the main courses
The open kitchen
Bowls with delicacies

Also at the risk of repeating ourselves: every dish is a poem in itself.



We enjoy it tremendously to eat ourselves through these culinary delights.

The noodles with truffles smelled deliciously!
Tofu at its best!

Whether with meat, fish, poultry, seafood, tofu or pure vegetables, the Golden Phoenix keeps what it promises: we are truly seduced by the culinary arts of The Doc Ngo, whose team in the open kitchen cooks, sizzles and prepares trustworthy transparent. And that brings us to eat far too much because it simply tastes so good! But even if we’ve been satisfied already for a while, of course we don’t leave out the crowning finale…

the desserts
Something for the eyes and the mouth!

Here the overview is small and delicate with only three offers. Honey Banana, Tropical Island and Mille Feuille are on the menu, and you probably already suspected it…Right! We ordered all three.




And simply sigh from pure delight afterwards, because the chefs of the Golden Phoenix also master the art of perfect desserts to…yes, perfection.

the golden phoenix – our conclusion

We had a wonderful evening!
The bar of the Hotel Provocateur

Well, what shall we say…I think you have long since realised that you are in very good hands in this restaurant if you would like to dine deliciously in a chic but relaxed atmosphere.

And since the stylish bar of the Hotel Provocateur is right next door, such an evening can be continued! You can find more of our gastronomy tips here!


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