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Girlfriends style is an art on its own! Even when girlfriends have completely different tastes they tend to like similar styles. The same goes for us. And we couldn’t be any more different! The happier we were that we could find pieces that fit each of us as individuals but also matched as a pair among the new fall collection of Madeleine!

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girlfriends style – cream

Each on her own but matching!
Elegant and stylisch!

We fell in love with four color families: cream, dark blue and white, camel and violett aka magenta.

Elegance and quality are crucial at the Madeleine collection which we figured immediately when we leafed through the  Madeleine catalogue.

Here less is more!

Clear patterns, soft flowing materials and classic cuts dominate the collection which make it boring at all!

On the contrary! We had a hard time to decide! But finally  we had chosen our outfits and are curious how you will find them.

An elegant allrounder: the coat in cream!

The short blazer is super comfy with its hidden button-border, its broad band collar and its patch pockets. Combined with the pencil skirt made of jersey which nestles to every movement.

The knee-length coat is a mixture of chasmere and new wool and feels as soft as it sounds.



Due to the wide collar and the patch pockets it is not only comfortable but also elegant. Wonderful!

girlfriends style – dark blue and white

Dark and light get along perfectly: also style wise!

The dark blue and white styles we chose are more sporty. If two opposite meet each other it Night be stressful for the eye. But not in this case! The combination are great!

Discreet sexiness: bodyhugging suit with turtleneck!

As a woman you will always be dressed adequately if you wear this suit with a white turtleneck underneath.

Be it for a business meeting, the office or a stylish appointment.

If you add silver pumps you have an eye-catcher on top. Because the good thing is that dark blue and white can be combined with almost every other color.

Dark blue and white with a red coat- an eye catcher!

This shows also the red coat by Madeleine. Soft and cut like a bathrobe with a wide collage it is a favorite piece from now on!

And it goes perfectly with the pullover with its asymmetric stripes and the three-quarter sleeves.

In addition the A-cut skirt is on point with it.


All the pieces we chose are super soft and fit perfectly which we totally loved of course!

And both girlfriends styles can be worn with flat shoes as well.

girlfriends style – camel

Casual but chic!
Monochrome in camel!

Camel is a color which almost every woman can wear. A monochrome composition always appears to be well dressed and it bears something like contained self-assurance.

And because Madeleine ndoesn’t only offer clothes but shoes as well we were thrilled that with these sets can handle both again: sporty AND elegant.

The soft chasmere-new wool pullover with Kabel patterns feels wonderful on the skin and is a beautiful supplement to the wide swinging skirt. This wins over by its hidden pockets and artful box pleats.

The soft suit with the negligee underneath!

The narrow slender woolen coat in a blazer look get a sexy touch through the negligee underneath! Such a material mix is always a good idea as it brings variety into the established look. The wide cut trousers in Ceramica style round up the look perfectly.

Be it as a skirt, a coat, a suit, pants or  a pullover. We really adored the camel pieces!




We can only recommend to take a good look at the shoes. Again Madeleine offers a Phantastin price-performance ration and wins over by the selection!

girlfriends style – violet and magenta

Girlfriends style in gaudy colors!

And at the end we celebrate colors full blast! Violet and magenta are two really strong color families which we immediately had a crush on. As Madeleine has a great sense for textiles these pieces are so body hugging that we could jump around in them.

Joyful in magenta!

You don’t believe us? Well, see for yourself! The midi leather skirt is – thanks to a slit – nice and flexible and sets a highly visible signal.

The same goes for the knitted pullover with glitter effects and a v-neck. It has a beautiful drapery on the shoulders which are a wonderful contrast to the simplicity of the skirt.  And to stay monochrome the fluffy short coat is a perfect add-on.

Sporty, chic and body hugging!

The dark violet composition of trousers and turtleneck is sporty chic. Sometimes even more sporty than chic as the picture shows!;-) The ankle length high waist pants become a stylish partner for the knitted pullover due to their thin leather belt. In addition the loose coat is another favorite it-piec in the closet!

We hope that we could inspire your with our girlfriends style from Madeleine!

*advert due to product placement*

How to combine materials is also a subject here.




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