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Wind tunnel flying fit the the saying that you have probable all heard before: only flying is better! I wanted to try that out. Almost weightless as a so called body flyer! Flying free in a wind tunnel is not only possible for experienced parachuters but a happening for the whole family. Meaning: for us!

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Before the flight

THE hurricane factory

At the Hurricane Factory near the airport Schönefeld the name says exactly what to expect of it. In a glazed pipe (5 m diameter) the wind blows with 280 km/h. Actually only my son Nicolas (10 yrs) and I were supposed to fly whereas our five year old daughter and my husband ought to wait. The location contains a room for spectator which is comfy so that would have been easy.

She was mesmerized!

But the minute my little one saw the spectacle there was no turning back. Hence we took off as a family.

Equipment is included!


Our pretty „stewardess“ , instructor Kat, gave us suits and helmets! Then we went into the showroom. Before we went to fly in the wind tunnel Kat explained to us how to move around in the air. We had to bend our arms in a certain angle and leave our legs almost straight. All in alle we were supposed to stay relaxed and cool and with just a little tightness in our abs and back muscles!

Dry run

Flying high

You can compare flying in a wind tunnel  with a free fall from 4000 m. Here it was all under the control of our charming instructor Kat, though. Nicolas took off first and first had a few problems with getting his legs under control. My husband was next

My “giant” in the wind tunnel!

Despite his height (1.93 m) he was quickly successful and could even play around with rising up or down inside the tunnel. Our daughter took it playfully and never wanted to stop. Our slots were limited to 1 m 30. Each one of us flew twice.

inside the wind tunnel

Finally I could also get into the wind tunnel. Of course it is extremely loud in there although wearing ear plugs due to several blast pipes on the floor  that accelerate the wind inside the tunnel.

Flying high

Eventually Kat grabbed me and together we went up in the air. That was a feeling like exepriencing a roller coaster for the first time” Crazy” In that moment nothing is better then…exactly: flying! But the dream to fly also has its price: starting with € 49.

Anyway, we were totally flashed and pumped up with adrenalin when we finally went home where we were looking forward to one of our beloved frozen smoothies.

And this little voyage already has a place of honor in our family photo album!


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